1. Asia is being judged at her level. Every girl is being judged on the level that they should be at their age. Asia is 6, so she is being judged as a 6 year old mini dancer. Obviously a mini is not on the same technical level as a 15 year old, but she’s being judged against the expectations of a mini & she is very advanced for her age.

  2. I mean, that makes sense, but at the same time, it just shows why she shouldn't have been on the show. You can't judge a 6/7-year-old the same way you'd judge a 15-year-old or even 12-year-old. But AUDC is a competition where these dancers were all competing against each other regardless of age, so it doesn't really make sense. I'm honestly not even sure why the producers allowed someone so young on the show, especially given she wasn't even old enough to use the scholarship...they should've made sure there wasn't a big gap in ages between the dancers 😅.

  3. Asia is a more technically advanced for her age than most of the other contestants were for their age groups. Asia was more advanced as a 6 year old than someone like Hadley was as an 11 year old. Technique is also not the only thing that matters. She was by far & away the strongest performer on the cast. No one else was even close to her performance abilities despite some having 10 years on her.

  4. I thought Luxx looked pretty good too. Like technically it was just spooky makeup with a generic dress but she executed the makeup far better than anyone else and the cinder block sent me.

  5. And then her legs were a completely different color than her body

  6. I Think she was a very entertaining reality tv personality from seasons 2-4 but by season 6 it went from fun reality tv campy drama to being genuinely pretty malicious. I Think most of that ended up being Jessalyne’s fault tho because once she was gone Jill backed off of Brynn in S7.

  7. Yup. Cameron still has 3 more Avatar movies in 2020s that could gross higher than A2 😁

  8. I Honestly don’t think 4 & 5 are gonna come out this decade. He’s gonna get the 2030s too.

  9. “1st & foremost I Wanna say that I Didn’t know Tina Burner owned flames & the colors orange, red, & yellow. You’d NEVER see Tina walking down the runway looking like a hoe, like this, looking flawless. Number 1 & number 2; me & Gottmik had the hardest challenge in this entire group because I’m big, she’s little, & yet we still made it work. All these bitches have the same size so there’s no excuse that they look as weak & Olivia & Denali’s team looks the weakest out of everyone on this stage. Just my opinion.”

  10. It’s honestly the fiercest part of the whole thing.

  11. Ok I’m curious. Who are some dolls that definitely get asked for all stars every year but have turned it down multiple times? So I’m not talking girls that are fresh off the season.

  12. I think Nina Bonina Brown has been pretty known to have been asked for every all stars season since S9 and has turned it down

  13. I Know that she was asked for AS5 & she turned it down cause she knew shea would be there. The way she’s talked about it kinda implied that she only was asked because Shea was gonna be there so idk if she’s been asked more than once.

  14. Imagine MC ends up being 1 of the twins lmao

  15. I Disagree actually. I Think some of the biggest hits of the decade so far have been from new artists, 2023 was just a bad year. Olivia Rodrigo, Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion, Lil Nas X, are all pretty new artists & have had banner hit this decade. Last year didn’t have any new hits until like May. Some years just aren’t good years & it’s not because of an underlying trend.

  16. Lmaoo I love that no one picked Brynn and Kendall. I think they were only put together because their moms fought so it would be interesting for drama

  17. They just aren’t good pairs together. You can put Kendall with a lot of other girls that are more technically advanced & she blends but there’s something about her & Brynn that just doesn’t work. I Think it might be their difference in size, Maddie is a bit shorter than Kendall but not as dramatically shorter like Brynn was.

  18. Bagas not even overweight, she’s just overfilled.

  19. There’s a difference between confidence & arrogance.

  20. There are at least 3 very popular drag queens named after the black dahlia murder, 2 of which have been on international television. It’s fine.

  21. What “style” a routine is gets decided & submitted by production. There’s not a single production member on the show that was ever a dancer so numbers would regularly be submitted as styles that didn’t really make sense. It’s just as bad in the earlier seasons.

  22. TKB, Joslyn, Adore and Darienne all did much worse yeah. I wouldn't say Bianca bombed. She just seemed a little tense and hadn't managed her time well.

  23. I Don’t think Bianca was any better than Darienne

  24. I preferred it to the first song, but I can't imagine who else would be the target audience for that.

  25. I Always thought it was strange that Sarah Hunt never got added to the cast full time after season 4.

  26. If she was on season 2 lip syncing against Venus we would have had a bloodbath

  27. Being young and skinny with only good drag (so far) really blows some queens' heads up.

  28. The second Luxx came out on the runway this week I Saw Saint from Dragula. Her outfit on the 1st episode reminded me of aquaria’s good twin look. Last weeks look was also something I’ve seen a million times. Luxx hasn’t really done anything unique or original at all. Her drag is very boilerplate instagram generation Drag that’s overly reliant on other people’s ideas.

  29. At one point wasn’t it a rule that queens had to play someone for snatch game that matched their race? Did that happen or was that just something talked about in the fandom?

  30. They didn’t want Olivia to play Rachel Dolezal & as soon as that was avoided they voided the rule.

  31. is anyone else shocked Flowers is doing so well. It's a good song but Miley hasn't exactly been a chart topper in recent years

  32. Miley hasn’t been a chart topper because she’s been signed to a bad label. Your team & having the machinery of the industry supporting you matters just as much if not more so than the music. Miley is not the only artist this applies to & probably won’t be the last artist seeing a career resurgence as a result of a label change in the next few years. I Think a similar thing will happen to Kesha after finally being able to leave Kemosabe & will also happen for Megan The Stallion after leaving 300 entertainment. Being signed to a major label that wants you to succeed actually matters.

  33. To me she was really good (for example, Luxx, Malaysia, Anetra and Robin were worst than her in my op)

  34. You have bad taste I’m so sorry

  35. The Salina hate train is tiring, a girl has one bad runway and suddenly everyone thinks everything she does on the show is shit

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