1. Privateers are legitimately the best naval unit in terms of value in most cases, just by recouping their production cost through pillaging. Unfortunately, most maps (and most AIs) don’t allow many opportunities to easily do this. And, once you’re able to scout all that, do you really need the yields?

  2. Kabul is my favorite city state for warfare. Who doesn’t love rapidly promoting units? Akkad is good for early warrior spam when you can’t build good campuses. Hunza is hilarious with ocean trade routes. A lot of the tourist improvements (Moai, Batey, Colossal Head) are great complements to Seaside Resorts as well.

  3. Making improvements start as +2 yield instead of +1 would do so much to change this. Even if you have three hills to build a mine on, the settlers will earn their production cost back so much faster it is generally not worth improving until later on.

  4. When you do Faust, put a trumpet slightly out of reach

  5. “Rush down” in GG means something slightly different, as mobility and offense don’t work exactly like they do in SF. Ky is very similar to Ryu on paper, but you still have a far more offensive tool set here even though Ky’s offense is weaker by GG standards.

  6. The fact that this story focuses on Zappa and Darryl, who were both only minor NPCs in the Xrd story, is kind of hilarious. Of all the playable characters who could have been developed further, ASW instead made this.

  7. Historically, navies were amazing because they allowed for water trade, which was not only more efficient but would open up markets that were otherwise unavailable. Water trade made the Mediterranean an economic powerhouse in antiquity, and this is only the Ancient/Classical Era. In Civ, the scale of a “tile” is fairly large. It isn’t too hard to trade overland between Europe and Asia in a VI Earth map, yet that route irl was so costly it motivated Western Europe to discover the new world.

  8. Faust teleports through a door out of a moving airship to the ground below, tumbles along it for a bit because the momentum was conserved, then goes through another door

  9. So, if Asuka is the last character, that is 3/4 of Season 2 that only appears to have one eye

  10. If you're a beginner, try out pachacuti, he's the best leader in civ 4 by a wide margin.

  11. I think Mages will all get unique spellcasting. Other spellcasters follow the same prepared style, but Mages get Sorcery Points/Spellbook/Pact Magic to change the rules of magic a bit.

  12. I consider those two the best extra modes and always have them on. Barbarians honestly should have been that way base game, it mostly adds in more city states in parts of the map that aren’t being used during later eras, which gives more envoy options. Monopolies is kind of broken on tourism, but the other bonuses are cool.

  13. As I’m building a monk right now, there are definitely some fun decision points that would help the class:

  14. I managed to fit 2 short combat encounters (and a trap with minions) and a boss into a 4-hour session as the meat of a dungeon crawl, with some RP and exploration for good measure.

  15. So Spiritual Weapon really is going to have concentration? These are dark times...

  16. Hot take as a GM and Cleric enthusiast:

  17. Planning a True Polymorph master archmage for a campaign already. The list of interesting creatures is vast, but some fun general tactics include:

  18. Either or, really. When it came to Faust, it was mostly a personality thing. He's really funny and goofy but was also canonically a serial killer at some point so-

  19. Religion being a victory condition is stupid and limits the design space of the game due to various decisions in implementing the system.

  20. Good: City Planning. The amount of thought that goes into city planning in this game is insane thanks to districts. Even with excess gold, it’s hard for one city to do everything itself at the same time. I like that cities are more than just tiles and resources.

  21. I feel like culture should NOT be a tile yield. In history, one of the most rapid forms of cultural development was interaction with other cultures through trade, war, or simple competition. In 6, culture is the “arts and decadence” yield, that just happens to give you civics faster. It made some sense in Civ 4 when having high accumulated culture was equivalent to tourism, but now that tourism is a separate yield, culture doesn’t make as much sense.

  22. I thought it was "free girl" until i read the lyrics

  23. I thought it was until I found this comment

  24. I use Faust color 6 in Strive because it’s the closest I can get to my dope

  25. Still don't understand what Potemkin is talking about, in his "Broken again... That's the 12,834th..." line.

  26. There’s a minor detail that Potemkin canonically enjoys drawing/painting, but due to his strength he accidentally destroys any tool that can’t take several tons of force.

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