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  1. Wow. I work critical access that want critical access at one point in my career the the doctors took every 3rd week on call. They still had office patients and had to see their own admits before office started. We were trained to have all our ducks in a row because we knew the docs weren’t getting much sleep. Now still same idea except hospitalist coverage only for like a week at a time. I feel like these nurses are being trained as being tasked oriented and not allowed to critically think because of being so overwhelmed. New grads everywhere, and nurses with only 1 year experience themselves training them. Is it possible to discuss with the nurse manager so they have a night meeting about what the expectations are including what information needs to be provided when calls are being made to residents? I mean that’s how we learned? Granted that was 24 years ago but the same info is still needed. Maybe they should be trained on when to call the residents? That sucks that isn’t happening. Such shit communication. I’m sure I made some crap calls early on but I learned after being yelled at by the docs. (Not the right thing to do, fyi. Lol)

  2. This!! As a nurse who’s given bicarb to dka patients the docs aren’t just slamming them bicarb as soon as their gas is back. Usually we have 1-2L and on insulin drip. I’ve been doing this 24 years and that’s been the case where I work. Just remind the nurse that the patient may look worse due to blowing off the bicarb because it doesn’t absorb well. Usually I find the patients get more tachycardic and tachypneic before getting. First time I gave it to prevent us from needing to tube I thought I was killing a man. He turned around tho after a couple of hours. It was the fastest I’ve seen this guy turn around.

  3. I have potentially myasthenia Gravis. Had my iud removed 1 year ago last December then for the following 6 months I remembered why I had one. I had a period 2 times a month for 7-10 days each, migraines, achy all over and vertigo. I had it put back in for hopefully the final time last July. I’m 43. I found being on my period exacerbated my symptoms, or just around the time. Basically felt like shit all the time. I use the Mirena.

  4. My hospital administrators would staff it with 3 new grad nurses and 1 ER doc.

  5. Not sure what happened here…… very weird…. Why big and bold

  6. I once wrote, “Pt screaming and throwing socks into hallway. Pt screaming “fuck you bitch” to this RN. Verbal encouragement given.

  7. My absolute favorite part is putting quotes of patients calling me a cunt, bitch, fuck you, fucking kill you. I just love it.

  8. 16s are only for trauma or when giving fluid rapidly is life saving, think cardiac arrest or sometimes adenosine which benefits from a rapid infusion.

  9. LMFAO! I haven’t even been a part of this subreddit for very long and I KNEW WHO YOU WERE TALKING ABOUT!!!😂

  10. This is nearly impossible actually. There’s more to the story for sure.

  11. I bet it was discovered as an adult. They certainly didn’t do the screenings back then like we do now. Even 5-10 years ago stuff was missed and not found out until after delivery. It’s amazing how technology has changed, right? They can even do in utero surgery if they absolutely have to which I still find mind boggling!

  12. Yea the in utero procedure for my sons CHD (coarctation) was published and developed at his surgical institution like within a year of his surgery.

  13. That is amazing! I’m sorry you had to experience that, but soo cooool! I hope your son is doing well. I know in our ED we’ve diagnosed several CHD missed as children. Most of them are in their 40s, like my age. I’m assuming the big ones tetralogy of fallot and coarctation they would see right away, I guess. (Definitely NOT a baby nurse).

  14. I work in a 10 bed ER. One of the worst I’ve seen, was called in to help out on, an elderly male fell asleep at the wheel of his car and went over the median. He struck a guy and his wife on a motorcycle who were both helmeted. She was decapitated. He had such severe injuries we were keeping his skull together by dressings over dressings to get him transported for possible organ donation referral. Dude’s passenger in offending vehicle had such a badly fractured pelvis and femur, another dude in a van was just banged up. So many people from one accident. Driver was in such a state of shock that he was barely answering our questions. I look at like veterans riding and long for that freedom of open air, wind through my hair but I just can’t. I’ve seen so many bad motorcycle accidents and most are helmeted. A few were so very lucky they lived, and they bragged about not being helmeted. I just don’t get it.

  15. Bruh that first BM after its been a while is almost worthy of a celebration. I had to undergo major reconstructive surgery myself last year, and didn't drop a deuce for nearly three weeks. When I finally pooped, I practically jumped with glee, and yelled out "I POOPED!". My husband lost his shit laughing, and high-fived me. Lol.

  16. Damn. Hope you own a poop spoon or poop knife.

  17. Hah! So, the nature of the surgery meant I didn't technically have any 'real food' in me to begin with, since I was restricted to a liquid-only diet the first 4-6 weeks. Shit ton of soups, smoothies, etc. So, my BM around POD20ish was pretty small and normal. But very exciting, nevertheless! 😄

  18. Because we do....? I mean idk what your job is like but in the adult ED I deal with lots and lots of poop. 🤷

  19. Same, bruh. Got Salmonella from somehow apparently getting a patient’s contaminated SHIT in my MOUTH! Only thing I can think of was when I was rinsing the commode out. Lost about 18 pounds in 10 days. This was 2015. I always, always, ALWAYS use commode bags now. And all bed pans (fracture pans anyways) get lined with a large adult diaper and about 3 disposable chucks so all that goodness gets tossed. I’m scarred for life.

  20. Disposable plastic Bedpan, no way thats getting flushed out

  21. Oh no. Nothing gets flushed except when I dump a urinal of pee out. Colostomy stuff? That urinal or graduate cylinder will get trashed every single time.

  22. LOL. Fair. But I work in the busiest ER in my country. We don’t need people coming in for the flu.

  23. Eh, not me. I send my patients to the busiest ERs in my state. We just don’t have the resources in our rural area. We see it all, take care of it all, try to stabilize it all, lol.

  24. They get treat in the ED, they just don’t get tested for STDs. They get prophylactic STD antibiotics and plan B. They will test for drugs that can be spiked but I think it’s a send out. And unfortunately, the medical records can be subpoenaed if the perpetrator is charged.

  25. “And this is Mr. So and So, he perforated his bladder with a radio antenna he inserted into his penis for pleasure, went septic was on levophed, just came to Med/Surg today. By the way, he asked us not to say anything to his wife, right Mr. So and So?” Can you imagine saying that in front of the A/O patient? Or the patient that went septic after injecting 2L of NS into his ballsack for pleasure? Bedside report sucks. Most of the time when I tried the nurse was so task oriented they didn’t listen anyways. I like the idea of identifying drips and dressings at handoff, tho.

  26. Nurse x24 years. Married for same. House wonder x20 years. My husband was an only child. After his parents died we had their house. After 4 years we finally cleaned it out and sold it 2 years ago, then refinanced so we could finally completely redo/repair our house including everything. It was stripped to studs. New siding. All new flooring. To be fair, our house was falling apart leaking bathroom. Needed new shingles and windows. We had saved money along with refinancing and using the funds from the sale of his parents home. We also needed new vehicles which we got in 2018. We didn’t live paycheck to paycheck then, but we were close to it up until 10 years ago. I only make $35+ change an hour and I do a hell of a lot. He has a decent paying job. Rural northeast town. Our hospital pays one of the lowest in the state but I’m not going anywhere. I’m not well and we rely on my decent health insurance. I have 2 kids, one graduating this year. Last year was the first time we ever bought new living room furniture. I had worked bonus shifts to pay for it. I like what I see in my checking account and I don’t have to count pennies which I am thankful for. It’s taken many years but it’s at least one less anxiety. If you are young without a lot of obligations go travel! Make bank then feel comfortable. Please please save some for retirement. Start young! It’ll be worth it.

  27. $34 an hour for 24 years experience????? WHAT

  28. I know. I’m a FT ER nurse, teach ACLS, PALS, BLS, created and teach our Basic Cardiac Course. It’s embarrassing. We are union and there’s nothing I can do about it.

  29. My ex-husband is 2 doors down from this nightmare.

  30. No, it resolved shortly before this was posted. About 3:30 my time. He texted me at 11:30 when it started going down and was giving me updates.

  31. Good. I feel bad for everyone involved. How traumatic. 😞

  32. I just posted hoping everyone, meaning workers were okay.

  33. we were all born too late to be Victorian era physicians prescribing vibrators and cocaine for hysteria, and this was the last remnant of that age

  34. I mean….I might want to go to that party….🤷🏼‍♀️

  35. Profuse vaginal bleeding bright red after “rough” finger play from boyfriend. Turned out it was a 7cm lac into vag wall hitting an artery. How would you manage if your OB is 30 min away? No OR crew? Legit question I had because we got lucky it was a weekday and we had her from ER doors to OR in 32 minutes. Our ER doc said he would soak gauze in TXA and just keep putting it in the vagina waiting for OB to arrive because you couldn’t visualize whether cervix or not, and just support VS with PRBCs.

  36. One of my attendings has been on a tv show… never saw the show in person but I’ve seen clips. For their part they’re perfectly pleasant in person and a good clinician, but I’ve had to intentionally interrupt them (like not just stand by them doing the occasional “hey I’m here” cough) on multiple occasions to do time sensitive procedures requiring an attending be present while they were in the midst of vapid conversations about tv-related drama with nurses.

  37. My daughter’s teacher was on an episode of Dateline…for kidnapping her daughter and taking her to France.

  38. Wow.see when u say wont left ur literal? Like i bent down other day and legs are heavy and when im sittin and lift leg, its sooo heavy and weighted but i can do it

  39. They would not move when I was walking. I almost tripped a few times. When I would go get in my truck it was like I had 200 pounds holding them down when going to lift them up to put on the running board. But I’ve also had issues with gripping things like my toothbrush. Typing a lot causes my wrists to be tired. I didn’t notice this stuff until I took the Pyridostigmine and I could brush my teeth without the toothbrush falling out of my mouth, etc…

  40. Hi i just opened my bottle of pills originally given tome 2021 and say march 2023 but pill fell apart in my hand to powder when tryin to break in half!! Shoot

  41. You need new pills. Those are no good. Facebook has a good Myasthenia Gravis group and a good seronegative myasthenia Gravis group. I’ve learned so much from them if you have an account.

  42. Writing “penis head” instead of glans. I don’t get annoyed, but I will laugh at you sooo hard because that will be in the chart forever.

  43. I try to be very detailed in my description of abnormal physical exam findings of dongs. I like to strike a balance between analytical and pornographic. I'm hoping it makes someone chuckle later on.

  44. OMG you had me at “Glans slightly moist”….😂😂

  45. Not common, but I’m very oblivious to my surroundings. I work ER which gives me enough drama. I do like to hear about it every now and then.

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