1. They literally just said Bogdanovic isn't getting traded. You want to have a reputation for jerking players around? We don't have to jump to get rid of guys just because someone else has a shit show going on.

  2. I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took a bloom core to the face

  3. If something is publicly for sale anyone who presents the asking price can purchase it?

  4. So what I'm getting here is that Illinois fans are a bunch of entitled liars

  5. You're going to have to elaborate as to how you got any of that from what I said.

  6. You actually think you can dictate to an organization how they operate their arena. It's sheer entitlement.

  7. Can people unshit on us now please? Everyone take your shit back lol.

  8. Just gotta compost it and grow some spite corn with it, y'all should know better than anybody what to do here

  9. I don't know if this would work in Genshin, but my favorite difficulty scaling I've ever played in a game is the way Supergiant handles it in their games, they've included some iteration of it in all three I've played (Bastion, Transistor, Hades). There are various enemy settings you can toggle on or off. Most recent example is the Pact of Punishment in Hades, where you can, for instance add a 20/40/60/80/100% damage bonus to enemies, or similarly for their HP, or you can increase enemy movement and attack speed all at various ranks, etc.

  10. There might be some small hyper-optimization you can do, but that looks pretty great to me. If we're nitpicking I'd try to find a flower and EM Sands that have better crit rate rolls instead of the HP% and Def%. But honestly if this were my account I'd call this done, especially since you have the +15% charged attack crit rate from his C1.

  11. I ran Raiden budget hyperbloom, wanderer hypercarry, ganyu melt... No dice. If anyone has better suggestions, I'm all ears.

  12. One thing to consider is that Tighnari's skill pulls aggro on them. The two will bunch up and unleash their attacks at the green fog instead of your character. It was an easy clear with a Tighnari spread team.

  13. Mind to share the Tighnari spread team compositions? I might want to try it on the next abyss reset.

  14. My standard team is Tighnari, Fischl, Kuki holding Deepwood Memories, and a flex in the last spot depending on the situation.

  15. On every corpse? I think not. I think they could do autopsies if they wished or if battlefield circumstances allow. There's just no impetus to autopsy an enemy body full of shrapnel.

  16. Yeah, I'm pretty sure that anyone who would have the medical expertise to perform an autopsy is going to have a long list of higher priority work at the moment

  17. Can you offer any insight to your strategy with the Tighnari team in the second chamber against the 3x Maguu Kenki? I'm struggling to keep my team up with my Raiden/Ayato hyperbloom team, I'm wondering if I should blow up the roster and try something else.

  18. I know this doesn’t answer your question per-say, but I would love to give Sam Cassell his first HC gig next season. Dude was a former floor general during his playing career, and has been part of helping develop young guards like Wall, Beal and most recently Maxey. I think he could be paramount for Ivey, Killian and even Cade’s development, as for our other young pieces. Among other qualities his peers have talked about.

  19. Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, and Chauncey were all great floor generals in their playing careers and have been mediocre coaches, I'm not really convinced that has anything to do with being a great coach at this point.

  20. Chauncey has almost matched his win total from last year, and they are only 2 games out from the 5th seed in the loaded Western Conference. A lot of that is Portland having Dame back, but the two of them also seem to be working well together. I'd love to have Chauncey back in Detroit to coach up Cade.

  21. That's a pretty rosy way to describe a team with a losing record in 11th place in their conference, but sure, if we're being generous the jury is still out on Chauncey.

  22. It's probably the most vanilla answer possible, but the answer for me will always be Michael Jordan. Especially considering it's the Celtics. In the timeout, remind MJ that he was swept by them twice in the playoffs, and that Rondo and KG were talking shit about him all game. You'd have a win secured with a minute or two left on the clock.

  23. He has played himself into being a lottery pick. He’s significantly better than he was last year and easily a top player in the country

  24. He's nowhere near a lottery pick. I don't think he's going in the first round, and I don't think he has a future in the NBA. Believe me, I wanted him to be so bad, check my username if you don't believe me.

  25. “I wanted him to be so bad” lol

  26. I've been using Sayu as a taxi through the desert and just letting her slowly level via overworld EXP. Then I just recently got her C6 on the last banner, but because I pulled both Raiden and Ayato I have been too focused on getting their kits put together. But you've just convinced me to move her right to the front of the build queue. I can't imagine playing the game without her roll to get around, I think I really owe it to her to set her up right.

  27. I'd have to run it through a calculator to know for sure, that seems like it would be close. It will definitely significantly improve your non-crit arrows, but losing 13% crit damage might make your overall output lower. You really, really need to get Tighnari to level 90 to take full advantage of the EM bonus damage. Much more important than leveling your weapon or improving other artifacts.

  28. This was a great read, appreciate your breakdown. It's really refreshing to see this Penn State team use some interesting offensive sets. I feel like under Pat Chambers, especially during the Lamar Stevens years, it was one of the more boring teams to watch.

  29. For the first couple weeks until I actually noticed his name in dialogue at some point, I thought Guoba's name was Boba, I still hear it as "Boba! Get them!"

  30. Should be good for Nahida or an off-piece for any hyperbloom trigger like Kuki or Raiden.

  31. This Cade looks kinda blitzed too lmao

  32. All he needs is two archons and another limited 5* lol

  33. The NET is only ever used on one day of the year. And that's the day they seed the tournament, after the entire season has been played. They designed it to be optimized for that exact situation. Not halfway through the conference season. The only thing really flawed here is that you're analyzing midseason results for a postseason tool.

  34. why not just use the compasses at your own leisure

  35. Mostly because compasses don't reveal any puzzles or hidden objective chests

  36. There's potentially a ton of cap space to play with next season, I have been wondering what Weaver was planning to do with it. Just look at the numbers:

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