1. There is so much stupid overreaction to the stuff Rodgers is into. Is it a bit weird? Sure! Is it bad in anyway? Definitely not. There are so many shitty people in the league, the worst you can say about Rodgers is that his interests outside of football are a bit weird.

  2. You should watch the 2018 hawks for some real fundamentals

  3. I thought they came off as very unlikeable during last year's playoffs. Only gotten worse from there

  4. I know most people have their side and defends that side hard but is anyone just kinda ok either way?

  5. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Sean and Dobbins kill it weekly and CR is a nice bonus like once a month

  6. He also makes a lot more money and in a salary cap league that’s important

  7. If the Raptors and Magic both traded those players tomorrow the raptors would undoubtedly get a better return.

  8. Garland nine spots above Trae and 13 spots above LaMelo

  9. Rewatchables has the highest ceiling imo. Get me Bill, CR, Russillo or Bill, CR, Sean and Amanda and it's fireworks.

  10. I agree if the movie is right. But Bill has gotten so out of the box with his post Boogie Nights picks I hardly listen to that pod anymore

  11. Crazy take. The out of the box ones make for the best pods.

  12. Perhaps you're right and I'm probably missing out. But I like too rewatch the movie myself before listening to the pod and lot of the time I simply don't feel like watching the movie they pick lol.

  13. Good take but not for the reasons posted. Wizards MJ was actually good and so is Bill’s latest trade value column. This is like when MJ pinned the shot against the glass and brought it down with two hands. Bills still got it

  14. Wizards MJ was an unapologetic stat padder who did nothing to help a young team

  15. i understand, i might receive alot of down votes or jus comments about how unrealistic this may be but assuming how we’re performing & that we’re trying to go all in i think it’s still viable as the league is unpredictable & our front office is in shambles.. while KD is more coveted, he’s already locked in on a 4yr contract & with our play the assets we have aren’t that appealing but kyrie’s value is very applicable

  16. Trae And DJM both clear Kyrie in 2023

  17. Honestly this is a byproduct of systematic racism. Do you think if Kyrie were white he would have requested a trade. Makes you think

  18. He does have some random love affairs with non Celtics role players to be fair.

  19. I'm sorry you have the ears you do.

  20. No the column today was bad. Disappointing and bad. Yesterday's pod was actually pretty good.

  21. The Bill stans are going to come with their "ITS TRADE VALUE NOT POWER RANKINGS" but yes it's a bad list. I know how it works. It's a bad list it just is

  22. Mine does that when it has a case on, then the case loosens (I imagine) then stops

  23. Oh shit you're right. Took the case off and it's quiet again. Thanks mate

  24. 3/4 per week. Sometimes just the second half. And I'm out once someone goes up 15 I don't care if I miss an epic comeback

  25. Mr. 88 why are you offended by literally everything? What do you like?

  26. Seems like he usually does those in the summer. But they’ve definitely been less and less since Covid, maybe because everyone had a pod now so it’s harder to get ppl

  27. > maybe because everyone had a pod now so it’s harder to get ppl

  28. It's a good deal if you have an older phone, yes. Some people just wanted to go from the 22 to 23 for cheap. I wanted to get off the flip 4 because it sucks

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