Who was actually the worst President ever?

Did somebody say 'Murica?

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  1. For someone who thinks he’s part of a master race, he sure is a weird looking motherfucker.

  2. Stop grandstanding and fucking do something.

  3. I’ll say Ronald Regan. Everything went down hill from him. I don’t know why so many conservatives think he was so good. Lowered taxes for the wealthiest people which trickled down to lower and middle class having to make up for it which destroyed the middle class. Ignored AIDS because of some moral outrage. There’s probably more, but yeah, Regan ruined America. When America finally fails I’ll bet we can point to Regan being the beginning.

  4. I was really hoping Moose would get a hatty.

  5. I also was hoping for Shaw’s Gordie Howe

  6. ICE. Filled till the brim before you pour any drink.

  7. Hey! Shut up! I like my drinks cold.

  8. I have been to many Springsteen concerts and believe me - they are worth the price! No gimmicks, no fireworks, no dancers, no flying in on wires. Just him and the band going all out. You leave exhausted and happy. That said - as a school teacher I can't pay $1,000 to see anyone!

  9. I’m a metalhead, but my dad is a huge fan of The Boss. 15 or 20 years ago I got up super early to go wait in line to buy him tickets for Bruce. He had a blast. Couple years ago my brother and sister and I spent about 600 bucks to get him tickets for The Eagles. Couldn’t afford that on my own.

  10. I’ve been hassled over this before. It was heavy rain and I pulled over to make a phone call and after a minute a cop showed up and asked me what I was doing. I told him I was making a phone call and the questions just kept coming.

  11. Fuck that. Boca Chica in St Paul Minnesota has the best Mexican food.

  12. After clicking through a labyrinth of pop-ups and links, her estate is valued at approximately $400,000. Jane is owed approximately 140K from a personal loan. Pretty sad that a once popular actress leaving behind 2 kids is worth so little in relative terms.

  13. The whole story made me sad. I’d kinda forgotten who she was and then for her to die in such a way, and all the problems she’d been having.

  14. She is definitely in on it. Artists have the power to stop this. Some do, most don’t. They’ve been in on it for a long time.

  15. I saw Iron Maiden like 6 years ago and in order to get into the arena you had to have the card present that was used to buy the tickets. Artists can totally put a stop to scalping.

  16. Actually, my mom was a labor and delivery nurse for over 45 years and she is VERY PRO CHOICE.

  17. Why are all they guys obsessed with “masculinity” such twits? Oooooooohhhhhh, wait wait wait. I think I answered my own question. They’re obsessed with it because they feel inferior as a man. Listen, ima tell you that’s not how you become “masculine” in all honesty, you should only be concerned with being happy.

  18. Everything I do is manly because I am a man. Now who wants to come over to my place and paint our toe nails in pride colors while we binge watch Revolutionary Girl Utena?

  19. Ex and I used to prank each other whenever we got ahold of the other’s Facebook (we lived together) well, she left her tablet unattended and…

  20. I’ve done brakes like that. Amazing it can get that bad.

  21. Fucking greed. This all could be avoided so easily. It’s not like the rail is struggling, they’ve posted record profits like almost every other business.

  22. Awww, how are people supposed to know it’s a Subaru?

  23. I played guitar in a death metal band in my 20s. Never wore ear plugs live, but I would in practice. Decided to start wearing ear plugs to shows now. Wish I’d done this earlier.

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