1. Hey! Is this happening right after chapter 4, in the beginning of chapter 5?

  2. The team is aware and has a hopeful fix en route for an upcoming patch.

  3. Howdy! The team is aware and has a hopeful fix en route for an upcoming patch.

  4. Hey! This has been sent to the team and they're looking into it, I will update this comment if and when I have more info.

  5. Hey there, yes among other things. I've been keeping the team updated with these comments even when I'm not the most responsive on Reddit!

  6. I promise this is still on our radar, and apologize that it's been so disruptive to your gameplay :(

  7. Been checking your replies periodically for updates on this as someone who this is impacting, but as a fellow social/community manager, thanks for what you're doing to keep people informed and updated on this. Never an easy job to give people bad news, but thanks for what you/your team do :)

  8. That's sweet of you to say, thank you!

  9. Not everything gets passed through certifications as quickly, some platforms take more time, etc.

  10. This patch does not fix the traversal stutter on PC, unfortunately.

  11. This issue is still under investigation and not part of the patch, someone shared what helped them - maybe it could help for you:

  12. When this started, were you in or exiting a store, exiting a cutscene, was it after a load or dying?

  13. Hi there. I’m not able to update on the ETA until given the go-ahead internally, it’s been our top priority to get it figured out, scheduled, and messaged to you all. At this time I can’t share anything but hopefully I’ll have an update very soon.

  14. Happy Sunday, Dead Space players -

  15. Thank you for letting us know. Glad to see that it was a bug and not forgotten, etc.

  16. Unfortunately it will require another play through 😭 I know that’s not ideal, but we’re happy they’re working now!

  17. Even when playing wired? God of War PC had Haptic Feedback when playing wired instead of wireless.

  18. even when playing wired, unfortunately

  19. hi! unfortunately the PC version does not support haptic feedback using a DualSense

  20. I’m playing it on PC, on a HDD.

  21. Got it, raised this to the team and hopefully will have more info for you soon. All I know currently is that we've seen more bugs when playing on a HDD and that SSD is preferred, but I'll let you know if I learn anything else

  22. I fixed the problem by putting the game files to my SDD and restarting from before blowing up the debris.

  23. bless, thanks for the update - will use this info to help others

  24. Hi! Which platform are you playing on?

  25. With all due respect, I didn't see your message until a few days later - and in general I usually don't answer questions until I have the answer for them!

  26. Looking for DeadSpace specs? We’ve got you covered. Console players have the option to choose between 2 graphics modes:

  27. Great question! Since I'm still new, I'm still learning about all of the player support tools we have at our disposal - so I plan on at the very least starting a megathread of sorts here for folks to report their issues to me so I can track manually. If there's another way to report issues, I'll have that available in the thread as well!

  28. Hi Kfam! I am so excited for this remake, as is a lot of others, please don’t be discouraged by the bad apples that nitpick everything, the game looks great! 😁

  29. My POV on people who "nitpick" is just that they're just extremely passionate, and there's nothing wrong with that as long as the conversation around it remains respectful and minimally spicy lol.

  30. Gonna leave this up unless we get a takedown notice.

  31. Or we could just put it up in 10 minutes "officially"... 😉 congrats on the unexpected inside scoop.

  32. If you want to? I was kinda waiting on an official response. I can take it down.

  33. No need! Keep it up, love that everyone's digging it.

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