1. Remember as a kid when you were told they were a highly credible source of information and its primary audience are individuals that are "both highly intelligent and educated" 🤣😳🤡

  2. It just seems to keep SHOwing up on the Reg

  3. An intern at citadel fell asleep after a long day of shorting, shilling, and kissing Kenny G's rear end 😘 (‿ˠ‿)

  4. Anyone else want to fill that gap earlier but not add in time? 🙄😒🤷‍♂️

  5. $3000 in deductible losses and OP is still complaining :19738:

  6. I don't think you would. I think this is the least likely merger scenario. I really like the wayfair play I think it makes sense vertically and works for both parties

  7. Anyone else read this article? I thought it was an interesting theory regarding a wayfair merger.

  8. "BBBY shares are trading higher today in the wake of continued store closures" -Benzinga

  9. Well I suppose I was looking for another opportunity to DCA 🤷‍♂️

  10. You know it needs to be decarboxylated right? You can't just eat it raw or you'll get sick.

  11. Bought it dried. Not much on the bag label. Should I look up how to decarboxylate it? I ate a tiny bit off a cap and didn’t feel anything at all.

  12. It's not going to say that on the bag. Yes you should definitely look up how to decarb it. You might not get sick off a tiny bit of raw cap but it's really not a good idea to eat them raw. If you want to skip that whole process, I recommend ordering a tincture. That's what I usually do but I'd like to start trying the actual caps. I think there's a decarb info page tagged in the about on this sub.

  13. Hey, I kinda resent being called a syrupy prick 😕

  14. Anyone else been DCAing way less recently waiting for a dip that just doesn't seem to come? 🤔

  15. Why wait? You never know if the price is going to continue to trend upward or go lower. If you don't make a decision then there is a 50% chance that you simply miss out all together.

  16. True. The whole strategy of buying the dips works well in a bear market but during a bull run you can end up waiting a long time and end up missing out. Up until now I've kinda done a modified DCA where I buy incrementally on the dips. I think I might start doing a more traditional DCA but add a bit more when it drops. I know how high it potentially can go and I don't want to miss out. I personally believe we're still relatively early.

  17. The Dunning-Kruger Effect never fails to amaze me...

  18. Oh this is actually AudioMod. Even bots needs a break sometime.

  19. You know as much as I was hoping for it to rip today, I was prepared for the worst after yesterday. I'm honestly a bit relieved we didn't dump today. I can't help but feel like if the end were really near, the sell off would have continued and it would be tanking today.

  20. Wow…and here I am questioning my own sanity with $30K sitting on the line Fucking legend right here!

  21. Right?! I'm kinda a broke ass so I'm sitting here with $1.1k on the line doing the exact same thing!

  22. I admit, I paperhands'ed a little bit...then bought some back...then sold more because I realized I overextended myself with this bet a bit. I'm sure my trade history will make me look insane lol

  23. I get it. I almost pulled the trigger, but it started to bounce back up before I hit sell. Glad I didn't because I it's showing support now. I was at almost 500 recently, sold 88, then bought back another 30. This has been a crazy fucking ride. I've been hodling since last summer. Bags are a bit heavy and I might have overextended a bit too. Still holding out faith though. 🙏 💎🙌

  24. I literally sold my Tesla shares and shorted it at the bottom 😐

  25. Ways of knowing you're on WSB just by reading the comments...

  26. You're supposed to buy high and sell low though right? 🤷‍♂️

  27. Anyone else fill that gap after the dump last night?

  28. I was buying before the rally, I’m buying now, and I’ll buy afterwards. I agree with you though that this is a bull trap and we’re going to face one more price drop before real recovery sets in. It just doesn’t feel genuine in the macroeconomic look.

  29. Start by microdosing. That's what I do. I order a tincture online. A MD is very subtle.

  30. Lmk if you have any questions or need a reputable vendor to order from. There's some good ones posted in the "about" section of the sub.

  31. Oh that's exactly what I've been doing. I've been hodling since last summer and was over $20 at one point. I was at just under 200 shares a week or so ago but was buying every day this past week. I bought at various price points but too many over $4 in retrospect. I might buy a few more though....we'll see. 🤔 🤷‍♂️

  32. OK well I now have a new investment strategy:

  33. There you go. Now did it feel good getting that out of your system?

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