1. Damn that Fields is so nice! Don’t see that very often. How did you get it?

  2. Got pulled it on WhatNot, I think with the backyard

  3. I’ve got a Barry Sanders, Dan Marino, and Josh Allen (PSA grade gets back tomorrow). Looking to buy?

  4. Hey! Appreciate you reaching out, but I’m only looking to buy raw. Thanks!

  5. The Barry and Marino are raw, only the Josh Allen is graded. Let me know if interested

  6. I’m going to work my own luck with that on WhatNot

  7. Great looking card! But I think $120 is a bit overpriced, considering what

  8. Thanks man, the comps were from October 7th before his breakout performances. I believe my offer to be very fair considering the current listings

  9. Get it graded my dude, looks like 9

  10. How much are they to get graded? I have some 89’ topps nfl

  11. It depends on the value of the card. You can get them graded through PSA, Beckett, or SGC

  12. Do you pay them first or how does this work? I’ve never do this.

  13. I have a guy at my local card store that I pay after, info should be on the websites

  14. Let’s hope he turns it around

  15. I just started getting back into the card game. Been going through a bunch of cards from my dad. Where do y’all get all these new cards at?

  16. Mainly the App WhatNot or local card store

  17. I’m taking offers, feel free to DM me

  18. That Mac Die Cut Zebra is 🔥 Hopefully he has a good season

  19. You could be waiting a while. I just received a redemption card that was damaged. I emailed them and haven’t heard a peep. Hopefully yours comes safe and in a timely fashion!

  20. Damn they are failing the unveilings all time. If Apple or some other giant would make this kind of announcement, the website would be already online at the time of unveil..

  21. You just compared Apple to SafeMoon 🙄

  22. Thank you for the free publicity of this sham of a lawsuit!

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