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  1. Please share your cat pillow! u.u

  2. Absolutely astonishing. I love the vibe of your pictures!

  3. Omg Im so glad. That’s my costume

  4. Yes, wow you are soooo cute! Where did you get the maid outfit?

  5. It's just an standard maid dress from amazon, nothing special :)

  6. (⁄ ⁄•⁄ω⁄•⁄ ⁄)⁄ your work is getting more and more professional!

  7. The most obvious (and still my favourite) is The Secret History. Other DA I’ve loved, not all of which meld with your photos as perfectly, are: Special Topics in Calamity Physics, by Marisha Pessl;

  8. I think the benches serve well as an anchor in the scenery. :P

  9. So pretty! Are you using concealer or a foundation?

  10. Just noticed that, sorry. THAT is a variation in QC, but it's not dangerous or anything.

  11. So no exchange is needed? Thank you so much for your advice!

  12. Good. Just pinch it a bit (scooch it in after it's strung), and make sure your string is on the right way around. Besides that, the most important thing is it lining up center on the limb, which is what I thought you were asking.

  13. And the two seatings/carvings where the string is "hooked" in is fine this way? They are not carved out the same.

  14. Love your outfit, it looks comfy n.n

  15. Ooh, I just got this game recently so I could totally use this link as well... XD

  16. From what I heard, it was the producer of the game(Hideo Baba) commenting on Twitter about it and in interviews. Them being "soul mates" and such. Kind of vague, but really hinting. XD Then the official manga and novel both being drawn/written by fujoshi, and the novel being descriptive with their relationship and thoughts of each other, like Sorey thinking how beautiful Mikleo is.

  17. Maybe it is just a intense bromance. :O

  18. Yeah, the registration date was in early 1992. You are all right with the clearance between the plates.

  19. looking at the parts fiche you should have 2 friction plates that are different to the rest of the clutch pack. The steel plates should all the the same.

  20. The Problem were these two frictions plates with a wider inner diameter. In the inner one of those you can simply shove in the small steel ring... ._.'

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