1. Does eevee still do the Name evolution cheat? Where if you changed the nickname to 1 of 3 you had a higher chance of getting that one? At least that's always worked for me

  2. I know it's a prop, but all the same, the gun safety side of me is telling you to take your booger hook off of the trigger and not point the business end at your dome.

  3. How much I appreciate your concern, I don't live in the US so I wouldn't know since guns are illegal here anyway

  4. One of the big rules of gun safety is treat all guns as if they are loaded, real or not. And if handed a "cold" gun (unloaded gun) check yourself to see if unloaded.

  5. Sir, I'm cosplaying a psycho, it's kinda in the character describing.

  6. My preference is for modern tech, that have better cameras than yours.

  7. There is nothing wrong with my camera at all, this was taken as an aesthetic picture, don't judge before you've seen my other pictures ;)

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