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  1. My understanding from the filing is that 360 stores along with 120 Baby stores is what they’re going to leave remained opened and the rest will eventually be closed in the near future

  2. Yupp. The word plays Sabela used. I bet she got 100s of followers lol

  3. If DRS took over for BoBBYs the way it did with game stonk then it would already be over. Sucks that AST doesn't offer limit orders.

  4. Never ? Go back the chart, the last couple months it would stay hours like that lol

  5. meanwhile, turkey getting destroyed

  6. Winters used to be way colder. “Literally wherever you’d go, it’s like your in the desert nowadays” which makes sense as we used to have more open spaces, buildings and villas aren’t on top of each other.

  7. Cramer is bearish and Elon tweeted. That’s all I needed to see. I’m in tomorrow. It’s gonna be one crazy ride.

  8. 128,200,000 followers. Probably nothing.

  9. Ya its nothing. He replied in a joke way to a tweet. Thats not an actual tweet from him

  10. If it crashes in the actual pre market. We are doomed again like January..

  11. It means that every time its gonna spike, bbby board about to drop some stupid ass news to make them short it even more.

  12. Convertible son, they need to explain how long this can be locked at least before being converted by the owner to a common stock.

  13. I have no problem with the company selling shares,gme did the same and it worked out very well in the long term.

  14. Gme did the “same” when it reached 300 from a freaking 3 dollars low ? This thing didnt even go 10x to call it the same. Aint nthn like gme

  15. A squeeze ? These guys everytime there is a squeeze they jump in with some stupid ass news to ruin it.

  16. This seems to be a common practice lately, where companies have you work for three months and fire you all while under probation. from there it’s rinse and repeat. quite frankly I’m still surprised authorities have not addressed this issue.

  17. The probation period is where they take advantage of. They don’t owe u shit and u owe them most likely the visa that they will deduct from the last payment they owe u.

  18. Isn’t it more logical to close the options “make more money” and buy after ?

  19. Not if you’re expecting a gigantic run

  20. No I meant literally to close at that time snd buy immediately. You’d make more money thus at that same moment you’d own more shares ?

  21. wasn’t the real meme done by the OP was actually at 4:07?!

  22. Does anyone know what was their stake in % prior to this increase ?

  23. Can you please post the rates for the last few months, including august?

  24. You’ll need to dig deep on reddit, just use the search engine and find it.

  25. AI whistle blower been used for this filing. A source close to the matter been testing.

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