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Biotech Company Says Citadel, Other Big Traders Manipulated Its Stock Price

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  1. Dipping ? If u r mad at bbby price, check the whole market where it is standing today.

  2. And we down to red soon. Was it just a bulltrap?

  3. Nah, this literally been happening since last week

  4. I got my lrc stacked on Binance, any idea how to vote with them without moving them to a wallet ?

  5. I thought we are meeting at Gangnam style video at YouTube to communicate there

  6. You clearly don’t know what a bull flag is lol

  7. Remember that these earnings are just for q3, which ended in ~~october november~~ october

  8. Ended in November, are you really sure it’s October ?

  9. Well if bulls didnt but at 3 dollars. They stupid😂

  10. Take Putin for example, no one wants to go into war with him to avoid another world war. Different era, no one wants to end up in that situation as you got nuclear weapons now.

  11. Why can't both be bad? Why can't you recognize israels faults while accepting that what the nazis did is unforgivable? Why create hypothetical scenarios where the jews would be just as bad as nazis on a different timeline? Stop this before you end up like kanye.

  12. Israelis are NOT just Jews btw. Plus both are bad but no one is cancelling them

  13. “You people” as in the ones who bring up Özil in this debate you fucking idiot stop putting words ij my mouth. I’m muslim anyway with arab roots so I have no reason to be biased here towards the Germans

  14. Yet you said “we kicked him out” erja3 la a9lak ya 7afay

  15. I am German though lmao. I meant to say I have a objective neutral opinion on this. Anyone with half a brain cell can see what this protest is. Its a lousy response to Germany’s One love thing (which was also shit) but you got so desperate to pin dirt on Germany that you fucked the timeline up and blamed his exclusion on his Uyghur comments which is NOT what happened.

  16. Cool, stop stressing out and chill son. Sleep tight tonight

  17. Tbh who knows but with the diluted price since the shares been offered. I’d say 21.9 as per latest 30 dollars run.. considering about 27% shares been added to the outstanding amount of shares.

  18. Haha well it is a major support level now so hopefully nthn but up real quick 🤙🏼

  19. Exist also makes sense here..which Germany football team?

  20. Now watch his album drop, he got a lot of attention to upload it

  21. Don’t forget that RC is the largest Apple individual investor. Might as well sell his shit and make that thing crash 🤙🏼

  22. I just have one question. Market cap shows at 312M as of today, how come you are calculating at a different market cap

  23. Current outstanding shares are about 117M. The source your using is using the old 80M share count

  24. I understand but the source for 80m or 90m won’t matter.. the market cap matters as its accurate, as for the outstanding isnt yet as bbby didnt declare how much they have sold so far. I could be wrong too.

  25. It happened to almost all the market though..check other tickets even cryptos. It’s just weird they leave such orders at the end sometimes

  26. Felt it I think, had music on so load in the car and I thought I heard and felt something unusual, had to repeat the music and nothing. So could be it

  27. Qatar, the issue is mostly with the people. Super arrogant

  28. Hbb, all boarders by road are the worse no matter where you go. Got nothing to do with Qataris.

  29. Yeah 16.1 is shit, it also makes my wild rift gameplay fps drop for no reason. Iphone 13 pro max…imagine

  30. Mine don't show up at all. Migrated from chrome extension GME wallet to the iOs wallet via secret key and the address is the same, can buy ETH with Apple Pay and yet a) No NFTs show up (even some recived since migration) and etherscan.io shows no ETH or NFTs on the wallet.

  31. Did you untick hidden nfts and make them all viewable ?

  32. Maybe ask this guy, is it still not worth buying more GME like still still?

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