1. The old adage... make cat videos, not war

  2. Shimmy shimmy ya shimmy yam shimmy yay

  3. He took the phrase "hoofing it" way too seriously

  4. Replying as a dad, who touched the thermostat?

  5. Or it might illuminate his follies to him

  6. His name's JoJo? Hmm... Are these one of his bizarre adventures?

  7. It's a celebration err day be her bidet

  8. How does the stock market work for real though

  9. He got slumped, tried to stump, and got more foot pumps

  10. That's Tyrese lmao... I'd die laughing if they had Kiss From a Rose in the soundtrack

  11. Man... are you gonna be part of the team that moves Elitch Gardens away from Denver and closer to DIA? Place is a ghost town now

  12. Ooh, I wonder if having it way out by dia will make it more of a ghost town though… I hate that airport drive since it’s so far away from everything!

  13. Maybe, but if it's over by the Gaylord event center it might make it more of a tourist destination

  14. Assistive touch. Ask Siri to turn it off. Example “Hey Siri Turn off AssistiveTouch.”

  15. Girl’s Lawyer: the Girl didn't ask to be saved. The girl didn't want to be saved. And the injury she received from the firefighter’s "actions," so-called, causes her daily pain.

  16. You authorized payment on the Walker policy??!!

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