Making a $17k dining table

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  1. what's the difference between a kidney bean and a chickpea? I've never had a kidney bean on my face b4

  2. You’re a terrible person and you deserve your misery

  3. You can ride BMX you just need an XL frame. Minimum 21.5” top tube, but maybe even 22”. You also likely wanna get full chromo (frame, forks, bars, cranks) since with extra height comes extra weight, so you’ll need the strongest parts. I’m honestly not sure if there are any complete bikes that are 21.5+, but if you have the money S&M has quite a few frames in the 21.5-22” range that you can make a custom build out of.

  4. WTP Radio 22 and Fit Series 22 are full chromo 22s options with a 22+ TT

  5. Those are 22” wheels. I’m strictly talking 20 inch wheel with 21.5-22” TT.

  6. Not gonna lie. I am disappointed that I don't know which Youtube channel that is. There has to be a special place in hell for people who not only upload pefectly fine YT videos to Reddit video player but also don't credit the original.

  7. Bro think about it… if someone pepper sprays your dog and you walk up to them aggressively all that’s gonna happen is your dumb ass is gonna get pepper sprayed too. If you do somehow manage to pull them out the car without getting your ass kicked or straight up shot, you will 100% get arrested for assault and battery. This isn’t some movie fantasy where you’re the hero. Keep your dog on a leash you clown 🤣

  8. Incidentally, OP was on their own property. 0 necessity to keep one’s dog on a leash if they’re not in a public space.

  9. People get prosecuted all the time for not leashing their dogs on their own property and their dog runs off and bites someone 🤷🏻‍♂️

  10. The sweat. The butt and coochie sweat. Having less cotton around your bits to absorb sweat. It gets...gross feeling. And then you're wondering if you're sweating through your pants. Can people see your sweat stains? Can they smell your butt and coochie BO? And then peeling a sweat-soaked string out of your buttcrack. The sweat.

  11. I think you’re kinda hot 🤷🏻‍♂️. 6 maybe 7 out of 10

  12. I could watch this video on repeat and still not understand the process

  13. That was the perfect point to share the real creator.

  14. What’s next fucking level to me is how calm the handler stayed. I’d have been losing my absolute shit

  15. I’m most impressed by how she rolled with the gator. 100% woulda lost her arm if she hadn’t done that.

  16. Tell me the good, the bad, the ugly. I’d like to see if they’re worth purchasing from fellow BMX riders.

  17. Pros - durable af. Cons - stiff and harsh vs traditional spokes. I think they’d be cool af on a vintage build but I’d never run them on my primary bike.

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