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  1. And if vet clears him and he's still not getting fat it's just like my cat - eats a lot, is hyperactive and slim af. Happens, just like with people - one may eat entire candy shop and not get any gram fatter, other will get obese instantly

  2. I’ve got a cat like this too. Vets says he’s fine but he is super skinny compared to his brother and always out eats him.

  3. I’m a designer that works at a church. I’ve replied to a few comments on this thread- contrary to popular belief, churches and religious organizations are allowed to discriminate based on religion and to prefer hiring someone with similar beliefs. (Google it if you don’t believe me)

  4. I concur. Used to work for a church. Discrimination is allowed when hiring. Being honest is the best route.

  5. Gonna take the optimistic route here and say that this is wholesome. Like sigh-the-things-we-do-for-love type wholesome.

  6. No HOI. Check came to us and contractor is telling us not to talk to the lender which I find shady.

  7. Reddit can me such a mean place. I think it’s cool you put the information out there for us to see.

  8. Just saw one in person and they are super cute but not worth the tag. This one had part of the lining held on with duck tape and exposed wire in a cabinet.

  9. Very good for first shoot ever. Window pulls are a bit dark so they look unnatural other than that nice job!

  10. 30 minutes. Also make sure in future you always ask how you will be accessing the property: the realtor, owner or lockbox.

  11. Strep throat is what it sounds like you have. Get to the doc. Antibiotics fix it quick. Ibuprofen in the mean time. But seriously doctor. Flu, strep, covid and normal colds are all going around.

  12. This finale was disappointing. I was 100% sure it would be Dave and Emily.

  13. Totally agree. Production favorites. They should not have made it to the finally.

  14. I like you have a milk allergy but good with lactose. Greaters ice cream is one I can eat that does not bother me. Steer clear of HomeMade, Eddie’s, or Bryers. They tear me up.

  15. So I know a hunter that gets invited to these things. They help reduce the deer population before winter so fewer suffer from starvation during the cold season.

  16. Say more. What did they miss and why? How did that happen were they in a library file that was excluded?

  17. I wish I knew the why. Missing any longer video that was in my Lightroom library. If I remember correctly backblaze uploads smaller files first then larger… And by default a .mov file is not included in a backup. I had made sure mine were included. The files that are missing are all .mov but completely random as to some missing, some not. I have some folders where three are there and two are gone. But always the longer ones are gone.

  18. Interesting. I wonder if it never go around to grabbing them bc they were so big and always got bumped down in the queue.

  19. But yet backblaze told me it was fully complete…. I have had the service for years. I have troubles believing that it didn’t ever get to them. I honestly feel the scan sync is not perfect and missed them.

  20. i purchased one of the larger "Bad Boy" zero turn mowers from TSC. That thing is a monster, super simple design and solid steel. It has seen way worse than that. I just make sure there are no big rocks, cinderblocks, iron pipes, old tractor implements, tires, etc in the weeds. i/we have found all of these.

  21. I was like dang that’s a specific list then oh that’s why ha!

  22. Dogs are so great! I like the tattoo a lot. The minimal simplicity of it is great.

  23. Yes I’d rather have labor pains again before I dealing with another cluster headache.

  24. I have a cat like this. Our toddler can do anything and he just purrs. I pick him up and he acts like he is being killed.

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