1. They all look great, but you look best in the third one!

  2. Definitions are better, especially those abs wow! Can't believe your age, i would have trust you if you told me you were 25yrs old lmao.

  3. I really loved reading this post. I’m very happy for you! Best wishes on your journey. Remember we are all human and we all fail, but keep a positive mindset and keep going. 💕

  4. I started competing July 2022. I am loving the journey so far! I’m 39 years old, started really late, but I do love how my training and diet are more goal oriented now.

  5. Just the fact that you’re on a deficit will mean you will lose fat, this includes your breasts. During my current prep, I lowered carbs but kept my fats high and didn’t go as flat as before. I haven’t done any chest exercises but plan too on my next phase. Don’t be afraid to train chest.

  6. Fantastic work! What do you recommend for someone who would like to start putting in the work to get into their own peak physical shape? Did you ready any good books/websites to help you get started?

  7. Hi, thank you! For exercises, I train for a “bikini” body. I started utilizing a coach for diet and training split. I hired a posing coach. Also, I constantly am watching posing on YouTube, Coach Adam has been my fave.

  8. A little bit of muscle?! Girl, this is a lot of muscle and you did a damn good job!

  9. No creatine or anything? Your shoulders developed super quick is all. Great genetics and hard work pay off

  10. No creatine. I also lifted heavier than I’ve ever lifted. I stopped being afraid of being too muscular. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  11. Nah that’s not anything to fear. Lifting heavy is where it’s at. I’ve trained for 15 years and the most significant GAINZ I’ve made were the last 2-years power lifting.

  12. The first thing I see is that your hips are raising too soon. Also, look for a professional to help with this lift so you don’t screw up your back and your form is in check! Good luck!

  13. You looking amazing! Good luck to you on your first show!

  14. Go to the gym with a plan. Do a warm up, pick 3 exercises/reps, stretch or do some foam rolling, wash your hands then walk out. If you don’t know anything at all about exercises, I do recommend looking up basic exercises for shoulders, triceps, biceps, legs and back, just to have some extra knowledge of the movements. If not, then definitely hire a trainer or take a class. Make it simple.

  15. I added about 200 calories the first week and 300 the next week. Then I maintained that increased amount. I didn’t have a long time in between shows and didn’t want to lose muscle. I gained 2.5 lbs of muscle. Now I’m back to prep.

  16. I’m so sorry your having such bad cramps. Not sure what would help you, but don’t stress about it, get some rest at home. Maybe a warm compress and some hot tea for comfort.

  17. I coached myself for my first show in July (nutrition and workouts). I did great, I got my pro card in OCB, but I also have a lot of personal experience so I’m not new to training. However, for my second show, I wanted to learn more and bring a slightly different package since I am now doing NPC on Nov 5. So, I hired a coach 3 weeks ago. He’s great! After this show, I can’t wait to work with him for future shows. Also, I did hire a posing coach 6 months out from my first show.

  18. Sounds like your hip flexors are weak or you have an injury. Try sitting on a bench with on leg straight on the bench and the hanging down. Lift the leg that is hanging down up and down a few times per day. I do this for my leg days. Slowly starts activating the hip flexors. Also, you could have an injury there…so if it still hurts I’d give it some time off.

  19. They are probably weak because I tried what the gif above is doing a few months ago and it was the same feeling.. fast forward to yesterday and still the same feeling. I will try what you said though thanks!

  20. Yeah, give it a try and let us know how it goes! Good luck!

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