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  1. Quite so. Elections are controlled by rich campaign contributors while informed young adults are too cynical and complacent to vote. If the younger crowd would vote en masse, we could change who gets elected and that would change what politicians do.

  2. The problem is when we all vote a certain way and the gvt still does what it wants.

  3. What backlash? The Office is one of the most rewatched shows amongst Millennials at least.

  4. But the boomers became real anti worker once they got into mgmt positions.

  5. If you quit the union, don’t ever complain about not getting enough of a raise, because they will use lowered membership rates against us at the bargaining table.

  6. Thats an excuse our union uses because they suck at their job. If they had 100% membership rate they still would only get us 2% raises against 9% inflation. I think it would be more effective to get raises if everyone actually left the union. That would make more of a message to union leadership that they need to step up. They have been failing us for decades which is why a lot of state workers can't afford to buy their own homes anymore.

  7. This is terribly flawed logic. No, if everyone leaves the union it won’t mean you’ll get raises. The state would give you as low a wage as they absolutely could and they do.

  8. Lol the state already does that and the union says OK thank you. If everyone leaves the union leadership stops getting dues and has to figure out how to maintain their organization. That might incentivize them to bargain harder.

  9. Yea but we could improve it if we wanted to but online cynicism is more fun so round and round we go. I’m just tired of it

  10. Then do it! If you can improve it I'd love to see it. I think the union has too much beauracracy and corruption and history.

  11. I think you’re overthinking it. It’s just state employees doing the best they can. I don’t think current leadership is great but I don’t ascribe that to corruption. It has to be lead by state employees and we don’t have classifications that use skills that lend to union organizing. If we accept the premise that our current leadership acts in good faith to provide for us as best possible with the skills, tools, and knowledge they have then that’s a jumping off point to make the union better. If we instinctively, at every opportunity, take the cynical route of “they’re corrupt, they hate us, they’re in it for themselves, they don’t do anything” then where do we go? That cynicism binds us to inaction and poor dialogue.

  12. All good, those are really good thoughts and I appreciate the explanation. I want to support unions, but like you said it's so hard to make them work. And it's hard for me to contribute money that I don't have spare just to be a member. I also don't want to put in the time or effort to do it myself.

  13. I live in downtown and I love it lol. It’s cool to see from my apartment. It’s something harmless and fun

  14. It’s just nice to feel a hometown excitement is why I love it. What precedent do you mean?

  15. The precedent for more lights in the sky, like the candy crush drone ads in NYC. I love how people complain about needing to spell things out for me but I have to reference the same thing multiple times in the same thread.

  16. This. We are deep in late stage capitalism. The only solution is revolution. The gvt is corrupt and serves corporations. No politician can change this no matter how hard they try or how much support they have.

  17. Why would you check here before calling them? They will definitely have the right answer and you'll get it much quicker.

  18. I understand the 2 or 3 people who have been personally held up in very stressful circumstances but overall it just requires some planning and paying attention, something many folks are incapable of doing apparently.

  19. It's hard to plan for a medical emergency. People should always have access to roads to get to emergency services when needed. The fact that this event puts people in harms way (cuts off residents access to emergency services) should be taken more seriously.

  20. We had a $97 Billion dollar surplus last year and they are PROJECTING a $27 billion dollar deficit this year….I think we will be fine.

  21. Lol why is this getting downvotes. This is facts. We'll be fine.

  22. No I knew but I don't recall them closing off McKinley or Elvas before. That's all 3 streets I need to get out.

  23. If you can not get out of your home area because the race is blocking all available roads then I think that's a serious problem. I'm sorry you're stuck in that position, Sacramento event planners generally seem very inconsiderate of residents. Maybe try calling the event organizers somehow or putting in a complaint somewhere to let them know? Hopefully they'll change it next year or you can find another way out.

  24. Nobody cares how you feel. Your ACTIONS say one thing only: "I don't like the way things are, so I'm going to do absolutely nothing to help and just wail and wait for the world to change to my preference." Childish entitlement is what your actions say - your words are as empty as any political promise. I have no respect for anyone who takes such a stance, you're dead weight.

  25. Ireland was not connected to the UK economically and the entire uk left EU including wales, Scotland, northern island and England.

  26. I agree against FIFA and Qatar. I'm a football fan refusing to watch this world cup so I think we mostly agree here, I'm just clarifying since we are in a non-football sub.

  27. Well if the country does not support standing up for people, should they really play in support of that?

  28. I think it's a tough position to be in. For some of these people it's their literal life goals coming to fruition and it happens to be in the worst situation possible. Do you abandon your dream moment to take a vocal stand? I'm not saying either way is right, but I think it's a tough decision and a hard one to say right or wrong without being in such a position.

  29. Again, great points. I did not think fully about how someone could have played and dreamt since a kid of playing in the world cup, the amount of work it takes to get there and finally getting there at this specific time would put them in a very difficult position. I don't mean to say I know better and anyone and everyone should act this way.

  30. The original Fables (and TLCs) art style nailed that "fairy tale" fantasy look, anniversary didn't have any of the warmth that the original did, it's proof that sometimes more polygons isn't necessarily better.

  31. Just shows how childish and immature their workforce was. Bunch of crybaby snowflakes. Don't feel one bit sorry for any of them.

  32. The California minimum wage continues to rise, yes.

  33. I don’t even know if there will be a deficit…they always say that then magically there is like a $50 Billion surplus. And surprisingly its after the union negotiations…

  34. This. We had a huge surplus from the last expected deficit, and this expected deficit isn't even as big as the real surplus we had. This deficit is already covered. Sure corrupt politicians and crappy unions will allow this to affect our bargaining in not the best way, but we'll survive.

  35. I always thought it should be knight, mage, or archer. Does the bow user always have to be a thief? They can be stealthy and quick without being bad.

  36. And I read sonething earlier about they're going to limit how much retired annuitants can work. Like we have too many employees. I understand there are budgeting and tax considerations for that but the timing is terrible. As you said, we need more labor. Current workers are barely willing to do their jobs because of how poor conditions are. They need to do something about this 5 or 10 years ago. Major catching up to do.

  37. Over reliance on RAs can actually exasperate this issue - RAs should be a short term solution to bridge the gap while hiring competent, full time employees with proper knowledge transfer.

  38. Thanks for explaining. I didn't understand fully but that makes sense.

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