1. This happens with everything I print. Printing on 11x17 low gloss label paper. Looks yellow on some colors like this grey, pink on reds, and white on some others

  2. You gotta get out of there little girl, you gotta be over 60 ellbees to be in this family

  3. If she doesn’t use this one I’ll kill myself on live tv

  4. Head of the round table, jousting on sundays, sloppy mutton at ye olde truffonis

  5. You’re all wrong. The worst sketch is the guy on the airplane with the crying baby one. I love will forte but I just don’t like him in that sketch. It’s not really funny and no one ever quotes it

  6. Isn’t that the saddest thing you’ve ever heard

  7. Did you wish for a great steering wheel that won’t fly out the window while driving

  8. I know all of this, I’m not scared at all

  9. What the heck? There's classified documents on my chair?

  10. Ok you got a warrant, what are you gonna do with it?

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