1. Can't make elite seasinger weapons sadly. Would be nice to have t88 for "free"

  2. [[Totem of Navigation]] is helpful

  3. Id say dual seismic or even t85 wand and orb and gconc. I wouldn’t really bother with a staff until fsoa. And bows are stronger now with god arrows than crossbows. So id probably just do nox bow with the ring and enchantment for range.

  4. Does ranged cape affect arrows, too? Not just bolts?

  5. Why do we need an extra step to open the game? For single account players this seems highly inconvenient to use.

  6. Why can't 120 or 200m just automatically grant it like wtf

  7. Buff brand neck warmer. Can be pulled up as mask for face warmth.

  8. That’s the sheathe, so the weapon doesn’t look like it’s floating

  9. It would look better floating lol

  10. I would have to disagree, seeing anything floating is super annoying, that’s mainly why I never sheathe my weapons, just easier when you hold them to make outfits

  11. But look at it. It's fucked

  12. I also want more action bars for my switches as Jagex can't stop adding them.

  13. Hate switches. Why should people bring 5 different weapons to a boss battle lol it's ridiculous.

  14. Friend limit still 400 mine is always full... Why isn't it like 2k or something

  15. It already was and still is. I hope they fix.

  16. Anyone have an idea how long this has been broken for? I'm starting to hope it never gets fixed, because that little guy has got some moves!

  17. Is it b4 or after quest? I forgot which one

  18. Use [[Biting]] perk also! And don't forget [[Smoke Cloud]]

  19. Make it wider. There seems to be a missing/hidden button because the window is squeezed too narrow in size.

  20. These people are so highly stupid...

  21. Then your post title is wrong and the body of your post is inarticulate. You’re not asking for passive t4 luck. You’re asking for a change to archeology relics. A change that makes no sense. What would be the basis for if a relic power actually takes up a relic slot or not? Which ones are exempt? The ones convenient to you?

  22. And now they've recently released all these other new rings, like Reaver's and Channellers... There are too many rings now, obviously. That's why Ring of Vigour is now passive. Next in line is Luck of the Dwarves and Asylum Surgeon's Ring. You can't fight progress. Ever heard of QoL?

  23. Been wanting this long time; plz Jagex

  24. Bluetooth speaker. Only problem is having to use Mono audio lol.

  25. 😐😁😆🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  26. Since it’s not a permanent rare anymore, Eek. Always wanted to dual wield spiders.

  27. But it clearly says "wilderness event"

  28. Came to see this, hopefully

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