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  1. This is where The Glass-Steagall Act: A Legal and Policy Analysis - Congressional Report comes into play.

  2. But they, somehow someway, keep coming up with funky ass shit that'll fuck up retail ways.

  3. Dat ze gelijk hebben. Het is de MAXIMUM toegestane snelheid. Staat letterlijk in de wegcode. Je past uw snelheid aan aan het weer, andere automobilisten, situaties, etc..

  4. Dus jij creëert opzettelijk niet/moeilijk in te schatten gevaarlijke situaties voor alle weggebruikers in jouw buurt omdat jij iemand wil pesten?

  5. Voor alle weggebruikers? Nee, enkel voor claxonerende, tekens makende sjonnies die aan mijn bumper kleven. 🖕

  6. Dat heeft invloed op alle andere weggebruikers in de buurt. Jouw gedrag maakt het moeilijk tot onmogelijk voor hen om het rijgedrag van jouw en je 'sjonnie' in te schatten, wat kan leiden tot gevaarlijke situaties.

  7. How are people supposed to know not to go up there? Shouldn’t there at least be barriers or ropes blocking the front? How can you blame people for walking up stairs when there is clearly nothing showing them that they shouldn’t?

  8. There is a rope around the pyramid. At 0.36 you can see a guy stepping over it.

  9. It was just a broker notification, they haven't been paid out yet as far as i know

  10. The size and form of that…honestly looks more like those old school power ranger transformer thing

  11. I think todays gonna be a price action day, we saw a strong support at the end. Gonna be good

  12. You know the Europeans are asleep because this isn't the top answer. I prefer mayo over ketchup any day.

  13. Yes this. This is why we get mad when men are like #notallmen. Yeah we get it but y’all don’t say a damn thing when your buddies do crap like this.

  14. The plastic things are flight protectors, put them on top of your flights to prevent them getting too chewed up.

  15. If reddit would sell downvotes, i'd buy enough of them to get this shit back to 0.

  16. Might have some similarities but I believe that Joseph Smith was connected to Masonic Illuminati and had some deep secret knowledge that he used to create a new religion. I don't know enough about that religion to say what does or doesn't line up to what I am sharing.

  17. Not only did he pick a fight he can’t win, he also wasn’t smart enough to stop in front of the teacher. So he loses the fight and now also gets in trouble for it.

  18. Haha, you must be living a fantasy world. Bully's (almost) never get in trouble for what they do.

  19. Any other ticker jumping almost 25% in 3 days would make headlines. "The silence is deafening" applies here, I think.

  20. I haven't seen Bobby in the Gainers on yahoo finance for 2 days too.

  21. If these are any of your senators I'd expect you to call and tell them how dumb they are.

  22. Comments on Short Position and Short Activity Reporting by Institutional Investment Managers; Notice of Proposed Amendments to the National Market System Plan Governing the Consolidated Audit Trail for Purposes of Short Sale-related Data Collection (sec.gov)

  23. No. The reason it isn't discussed there is because the amount of traction BBBY gained this past summer. That's when market cap rules started changing in the sub and if any ape mentioned bbby they were permanently banned. Their mods are bought and paid for. Shit, even those that didn't mention bbby were banned if they were part of gme subs or this sub.

  24. Wait! Is this the real price or because of shitposting some kind of artwork? 😳

  25. Mooi, wat afkortingen erin gooien en dan doen alsof je weet waar je het over hebt. Lijkt indrukwekkend maar als iemand met een beetje verstand/ervaring van het veld moet ik helaas bevestigen dat dit echt nergens op slaat.

  26. Ik sta open om van gedachten te veranderen maar zie tot nu toe geen reden. Ik wacht nog op jouw voorbeeld.

  27. Het balangrijkste dat wordt opgelost met het direct registreren is mijn inziens is de ambiguiteit omtrent eigendomsrechten. Zoals men in de crypto sfeer zegt: "not your keys, not your coins" En als je broker je aandelen uitleent (terwijl jij meestal niks krijgt van die opbrengst), worden die aandelen gebruikt om te shorten. Wat dus effectief betekend dat jouw broker, met behulp van jouw 'eigen' aandelen een positie opent die je eigen positie negatief beïnvloed. Dit is niet alleen etisch beneden alle peil, het heeft ook effectief een negatieve impact op je portfolio.

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