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  1. If you’re being serious the issue is that the existing shares that previously represented 100 percent of the company would now represent like 50 percent

  2. I think we are fine. All these fucks rescinded there shares just to vote got a giant dildo in there ass with this filing. It basically states there votes are now worth jack shit. Icahn and RC going to go wallst biblical on shorts. It's over now it's just a sit back go outside n enjoy life cause the price will 10x from here over the next 90 days. My bet is isane movement will begin after Feb 17th. It's the final stretch FUD will be at an all time high this week.

  3. I would be happy if that happens. I’m not seeing it

  4. I never quite understand this.. with 200M shares trade why iss at 5M FTD a big deal?

  5. obviously the volume is manipulated but those 5m ftd seem to be actual shares that is being forcefully bought. just look at what 3 million FTDs did in the august runup and look what 2 million ftds in November did for early January. The difference of effect of a lit market and an unlit market are drastic. (I beleive whats happening today is the 1.6 million FTDS in late december others will argue a more recent timeframe but it doesnt lineup with the runups at all.)

  6. Understood.. totally can be manipulated and trade one share back and forth for pennies all day long.. microseconds apart. Curious, how long does one need to hold the share after say covering a short or making an FTD right by buying?

  7. No clue I just know after +35 business days we see a large runup every time. End of February to April I think we will 100% see double digit bbby price. Like I said this week is going to be busy with the 800k+ FTDs that we're happening late December along with a few 100k+ FTD days In a row. They may have delivered half of that today and with all the shares being recalled by other large firms there isn't much to work with for the shorties.

  8. Lmfao regards think any branch of govt is actually looking out for them are the true regards.

  9. Bruh we got on reg sho at 2$ a share. It's bankruptcy or moon.

  10. so how many days is it? by the looks of it the dates line up from the January runup with the November FTDs. They are also buying a boatload of OTM puts to temporarily hedge to contain the price from skyrocketing. The price will rise but not as fast as they have the ability to kick the living shit out of the can...

  11. I can't remember but I think they just removed the 35 day thing and it's either supposed to be immediate closing of FTDs or they conveniently left it vague time-wise. (So they neuter the rule) but yeah someone google it I'm lazy.

  12. Hmmm well the November FTDs line up pretty close with what happened in the 2nd week of January is all I'm saying. If going by that pattern then the mid to late December ftds will be due late next week so on n so forth. I hope reg sho can prove its worth but the fact we are still somehow at 3 n some change with these borrow rates and all these FTDs is kind of crazy in itself.

  13. Fed threw in the towel against inflation calls it is.

  14. inflation is still printing at 6%+ in the 80s we rocketed interest rates to 20% and if we measured inflation compared to the 80s today it would be 15%+. A .25 hike is putting out a fire with a bottle of water.

  15. Stock is still abnormally cheap... CTB needs to be higher still to make them feel pain but we are getting there. The next two months are going to be fucking insane with C+35 and FTDs. M/A will happen but I think people need to chill to think it will happen in the next week or so. That's not how M/As work. There is a reason Blackrock recalled all their shares to try n stop it. BBBY next shareholders meeting is in June... Something big will happen by then.

  16. I don't get it why did Edelman Harriet put her own money into purchasing shares numerous times?

  17. She is either as regarded as we are or something else behind the curtains.

  18. She sold EAT at the top at 70$ a share... Im not so sure she is regarded.

  19. Because they wanted to vote against merger. Then BBBY hit them with the “default so don’t need shareholders approval for merger”.

  20. No shit....so why don't they just lend them out again and continue a short n distort attack. Blackrock cant be this stupid.

  21. $30k a month? Fuck what the hell am I doing with my life

  22. lol what in the fucking world just happened.

  23. better to buy shares tbh... if you get shares of the merging company idk what happens with your options..

  24. if they buy out the company id like to think that my 5$ call options will be ITM regardless. :)

  25. This might as well be the easiest play ever at this moment. Buying more options for jan 2024. I just dont care anymore I just know this thing is blasting at least past 10$ and its free money at this point. How high idk... no price target but up.

  26. Why is moonshot banned and why did he create a new subreddit?


  28. Let's go Brandon! Quid quo pro is back on the table!

  29. DC doesn't deserve this guy. Looks like a solid person in n out with immense talent.

  30. I love how we always get the same threads spreading FUD by questioning the FUD. "I believe this and this is a distraction" hundreds of upvotes giving the FUD in question a living pulse. People posting that shit are the real shills in disguise.

  31. And this guy has the balls to use a diamond hands banner.

  32. They didn't do anything related to it. If I could shoot a 40 meter titans that were randomly on the map that would have been a different story. Skins aren't enough. Needs to have some relevant playable crossover.

  33. And people ask why folks say don't dance. This shit will fuck up a lot of every day folks. The pain will be real. It will be up to the next generation of wealth to fix their greed and idiocy so this hopefully never happens again.

  34. What kinda dumb fucking post is this. So we go over 2000% overnight? Lmfao

  35. They are already hedged with more puts being ITM. Need to break 10$ to do actual damage.

  36. Once WSB allows Yolo posts on bbby again I might consider taking some profits.

  37. 50 million REGISTERED shares outstanding. Your broker shares are NOT registered. Unless you EXERCISE and DRS as well. Not FUD this is a fact but people will bitch about it.

  38. I too believe DRS is the way as those shares can’t be shorted. However, it was clearly not DRSing that brought Gamestop to over $400. It was options. This is why they are petrified of BBBY.

  39. I agree it was options hever said it wasnt but with a 225% reported short interest i'm pretty confident that if those shares that were exercised and registered we would have seen it way past $500 I bet only like 1-2% of those options got registered and was able to push the price that high else it would have been over back in jan 21.

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