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  1. He literally said “volcano I knew it”

  2. Yeah yeah yeah but when are we going to hear him talk about why he was on Jeffery Epstein's plane so many times and what they did on Lolita Island?

  3. It’s like this in the WOOD hub🥲

  4. Security checks you ? Like you're a criminal? Or a child? I would quit if Express tried some shit like that. What are the looking for?

  5. Anything that sets off the metal detectors. No phones, no smart watches or fitness trackers, no tablets, no vapes. Basically nothing but your clothes, water bottle and badge, a snack and a box cutter is allowed. Steel toe shoes can get through but when going in you have to go through and then place each foot back into the metal detector one by one to show it is your shoes beeping and on the way out you have to take them off and shake them out.

  6. At my hub they say unloading chewy trailers is what separates the kids from the adults. I have too agree

  7. i’d rather unload a chewy truck 3x than load one, just toss em on the magical belt and they fly away

  8. Absolutely! I can't stand loading. Every time they come to my area and tell me to go help on load side I tell them that I would rather saw off my own leg. Unloading chewy can be sucky but loading chewy.... Fuck That 💯

  9. I don't think this is a case of kidsarefukingstupid. This is a case of parents are mean

  10. Yup I am.... Full time employee at FedEx and full-time homeless. It feels like it's literally impossible to save money while homeless

  11. But then again, they’re dressing for themselves. If that makes you think stuff like that very often, please talk to someone about it.

  12. Your state likely has an mobile app available where you can get a digital version of your id. Is the problem that you don't have an id of your own or what?

  13. My mom always says "Cheese doesn't go bad it just gets more expensive." I remember my ex-husband being so grossed out 🤢 when I would just cut off the moldy spots on the block of 🧀and still eat that wasn't moldy.

  14. That is my only issue with Walmart. Wasted food. Yea they do the food giveaway thing but I know homeless people who will eat n benefit from tossed food. But Walmart the type who would call the police for dumpster diving for food

  15. Oh hell yeah. I swear it's so funny that the dumpsters at Walmart are guarded WAY better than the merchandise in the store. It's actually pretty funny considering how much bitching they do about theft yet I would guess it's probably pretty close to the same amount wasted.

  16. Go in early. At my hub you just have to tell security that you lost your badge and they will call a manager to come walk you back to the training room and then they will take a new picture and print and laminate you a shiny new temp badge. Your new one should be in a few days.

  17. How do you get free government Sim card?

  18. Actually Lifeline is the program that gives the free cell phones/tablets and sim card. The Affordable Connectivity Benefit is also a government sponsored program that is provided via the FCC they offer you $30 off of your home internet or mobile phone plan, and can also get you a free/heavily discounted computer(desktop or laptop), tablet or mobile hotspot. The applications for both programs are super fast and easy and can be accessed from the ACP website. Most major mobile phone service companies are accepting the ACP benefit (Verizon, AT&T, Metro by T-Mobile, Cricket, X-Finity and many others) and you can sign up for both programs directly on the company's website or directly on the FCC website.

  19. the govt sponsored phone accounts typically dont have sim cards, their built into the phones.

  20. So does Qlink, (I think it's called) cloud mobile, Bluejay wireless, access wireless, safelink, terracing, tag mobile, entouch. I'm sure the list goes on and on depending on state but these ones I know for sure all use sim cards and are paid for by Uncle Sam.

  21. Just an idea I just came up with. Flush Gorilla Glue down the toilet and any other drain(s). Gorilla glue is activated by water and starts to expand very soon after activation expands plus the shit is strong as all hell. It will fuck off the plumbing.

  22. Explain please. I don’t understand!

  23. Or put a bottle of dish soap/Bubble bath in the toilet tank with a hole punched in the bottle so it continues to leak.it WILL break the toilet with bubbles and every time it gets flushed after it will just keep getting worse and flood your house.

  24. What a helpful answer. It's like all my problems are suddenly gone! Why didn't I think of that?!?

  25. I’ll definitely check in on that. Do they hire for different positions or just drivers. My problem is I have no DL they are suspended lol

  26. So sorry for not checking back in and the late reply. You know how it is... They are always hiring package handlers which is what I do. The queen can be tiring but it goes by fast and pay is phenomenal. As of now I'm at $22.50/hr Ave I've only been with FedEx since August of this year. No DL necessary but they do have a whole bunch of different help resources available for employees which can likely help with that situation.

  27. If your really looking for work find your nearest FedEx. They hire felons, no drug test, no interview even, pay day is every Friday. I can't say specifically what the pay would be in your neck of the woods but my hub starts at $18.50/hr I've been with FedEx for almost 2 months and I love it. It's definitely not for the faint of heart but nothing about this lifestyle is might as well make some money with your time. For my location turn around time from application to call to schedule your orientation (paid) is about 2 days.

  28. Also try turning airplane mode on and off rapidly about 5-10 times. Or see if you can access the video with mobile data instead of wifi or even a different wifi network if available.

  29. Try switching to desktop mode. If that doesn't work clear the cache on whatever browser your using. Also ensure your apps are updated. If you are seeing this error on Google that try to open in another browser. Good luck!

  30. Try switching to desktop mode. If that doesn't work clear the cache on whatever browser your using. Also ensure your apps are updated. If you are seeing this error on Google that try to open in another browser. Good luck

  31. Wow! We don't load those kind of trucks at my facility just 53's & pup's. But even i can see a lot of unused space in that truck. I usually work unload but when I go to load-side I never load open packages! Even if my manager calls end of sort I'll still tape up the tape outs and send 'em up before i clock out.

  32. Aww that's too bad you should have stuck it out for a a few weeks. Yes it's hard work. I started out in the worst shape of my life. But I've been with FedEx for three months now and I love it. I can confidently say that if i had been started on load side i probably would have quit in the first week though. Fuck loading. I hate it so much. It does seem odd that you weren't paired up with a trainer though. Maybe only some locations do that for new hires but I was paired up with a trainer for my first week. If you want to get into shape and feel accomplished at the end of your day for decent pay i would say try it again and ask to go to unload or van lines if that an option at your facility. It is a great job.

  33. Dr. Huxtable. He died when I found out Bill Cosby was a rapist. It felt like my whole childhood was a lie.

  34. I'm a PH at the phoenix hub and starting is 18.50 +$1.00 for twilight and midnight sorts

  35. Mara Lago has been above water for some years now, sorry.

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