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  1. https://casanextasea.com/?fbclid=IwAR2Yr9Y15l8sJjxuwrGAbL0dOQXh1W1t1F177c4dshCY4SLEYkFKtUYnGL0

  2. they lose money because they get a fixed amt of income from subscribers if a show isnt super big and bringing in new viewers its just a loss of money for them they wont make back

  3. sucks because I didnt like her after pilot pete season and then I really loved her during this season of BIP…not so much now

  4. i cant stand when he calls her baby girl makes me cringe so hard

  5. you would like lawerence. were also 30 min from big cities. we have a lake that has walking trails. There is so much to do here and lots of jobs outside of the university if needed

  6. i like having a fun entertainment night to start my week. I look forward to having a glass of wine with my friends and talk about the people on the show. its just a fun scheduled time to all get together

  7. I feel sympathy for her. She was clearly very drunk (as was Andrew) imagine the horror of rewatching your worse drunk moment

  8. 100%. i feel like in BIP (and irl) the worst scenes are when the cast are hammered I would be so embarrassed to watch that back

  9. Every person is going to give you a different answer, but Massachusetts Street is where most of the main attractions and restaurants are. Just be aware that there will be limited parking downtown during the game.

  10. look for the lawerence library parking garage free public parking but its a secret kind of

  11. it was only 3 days after he left tho so not like it was a long time after

  12. I have no idea but I believe it could be. Maybe I'll look it up. Maybe not.

  13. i looked it up it first result said an itch USED to be classified as low level pain but not anymore i know they fought about this when the got home lol

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