1. yup i started playing roblox in like 2018 and playing rh in 2019

  2. Yes ofc he is smart boi (i secretly simp for him)

  3. How does it feel too posses Dipper?

  4. lol i remember that once i was having dream (More like nightmare) with Bill Cipher-

  5. wait is there fnaf poster?... or i am stupid

  6. Also, you can see it better if you zoom in

  7. yeh i zoomed in and i was just not sure lol

  8. why there is only nsfw posts now...

  9. I've been using the same masc hair for like a year now 😭

  10. Me to like i cant think of smth else bcs half of the hairstyles are just ugly-

  11. okay idk what to do but what face do you use?- its so pretty

  12. thanks i was on a trip for week and i didnt know-

  13. my face rn: 😦😍 /pos ITS AMAZING.

  14. the pants/shoes are literally masc mon cheri shoes💀

  15. those pants are glichty for me and dont fit rest of body😭

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