1. The article completely misses the main reason for their slump in performance - they were forced to change the way they were running the floor of their car. Previously they were getting away with flexing the floor more than other teams and the FIA clamped down on this.

  2. A non-works team winning the WCC, hmm when did it last happen?

  3. Who has the following numbers: 66, 88, 99 ?

  4. While its good to highlight LGBTQ rights, i hope we are not forgetting human rights also, which is a bigger issue in these middle east countries. I somehow feel LGBTQ is like kind of a buzzword now.

  5. I seriously don't understand why we ban tobacco advertising.

  6. The 2021 race, visually, was the coolest race I've ever seen. Seeing Lewis vs Max so close to the walls, full speed on the limit, lap after lap after lap was out of this world. Singapore, Baku and Monaco dont have these speeds

  7. That’s a lot of blue and silver. More than clumps of red.

  8. There is no PR agenda. Why are you willing to die on this hill despite exactly knowing what OP means?

  9. No i don't know what OP means. A car with a win and that many podiums is NOT a meh car.

  10. He has an uncanny knack of a) missing the barriers and b) ending up pointing in the right direction.

  11. What the fuck did they expect giving it to Hamilton

  12. I'm sure while signing or paying for the rental you have to agree to the terms set by them.

  13. damn, make this the next fast & furious movie already

  14. He is still gonna say "passionate fans" or sumn

  15. I'm just excited about the possibilities. I don't want him to replace Checo just yet, but i want just once race for DR, like George did in Sakhir 2020.

  16. This race and that pass on Bottas at the end was possibly the best of the season. Aaand this is the reason i got pissed with DTS as they completely omitted this race.

  17. Many predicted Ferrari to challenge for the WDC in 2022. Will it still be RB-Merc-Ferrari for the WDC in 2023?

  18. I expect Merc to be stronger next year. Alpine would definitely improve, i hope they get a few podiums. Aston Martin is a dark horse though.

  19. I just hope (and a big hope), that he somehow gets to race in one GP, for whatever circumstance.

  20. Because teams barely make 2 digits legible on the car. 3 digits would be in 12 point font

  21. How about no digits. Its car number, let it be as per WDC finish.

  22. There's a limit, with too many numbers it loses value, 2 digits are a good amount

  23. But you guys said these numbers are unique, so it shouldn't lose value.

  24. And that super genius also gets to debut in the fastest car on grid, which is a difficult task in itself given how newer drivers get the midfield team seats.

  25. Only McLaren is a kinda top'ish team to consistently hire rookies.

  26. Lewis is a good example. Starts in 2007 not only just misses out on the championship, but ties Alonso on points and beats him on count back to finish 2nd.

  27. I mean look at the rookies they have given chance to, Lewis, Magnussen, Vandoorne, Lando, now Piastri

  28. Kinda relevant to know that Fangio only did 52 races in total while Verstappen did 163 up to now. No one will probably ever beat his win percentage (47%).

  29. Lol why would i care if Max or any other driver says anything. I follow them for the racing and that's it. Don't care about their political or social opinions.

  30. I would love if they used this, instead of soft, medium, hard. Heck even teams say prime and options till this day.

  31. What is confusing about the softest tyre being the soft and the hardest being the hard? Which actual compound it is from the range is relevant to Pirelli and the teams only. Zero viewers even need that info, let alone need to care about it.

  32. What is the problem in Redbull selling in Russia? Is F1 supposed to carry all of the world's moral, social and political problems?

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