1. Vogel never ran PnR for him. It was always post up iso’s just for him to get doubled. He’s catching the ball in the right spots now and is successful again

  2. As he should. Lebron is 38 lmao he shouldn’t be carrying us like that no more

  3. Lonzo had a great college season and was a great pass first pg. not mad we picked him at all. He has high IQ, great defense, and playmaking. And obvs no one expected Tatum to be this good. We would of had to trade him to the pels most likely as well

  4. Caruso reached his peak pretty quickly and Austin is still improving so it’s hard to tell which will end up better. Just wish we had both smh

  5. I’m sure he’s a great guy and will have a decent career but one dimensional players usually don’t get any valuable playing time in the post season

  6. I don’t mind if Troy takes his spot. Troy/Lonnie/Reaves/Bron/AD. That way we have some size and it’s not like we’re losing any shooting” anyways

  7. But would it have been worth trading more picks than those players are worth like your suggesting if AD and Lebron get injured this year? If our starting lineup was then Heild, Turner, Lonnie, Bev and Wenyan would that get us a Championship. No. It would not. It’s making rash decisions like that which put us in this position to begin with, like making the trade for Russ. Pelinka is being smarter then last year and being patient.

  8. You realize we’re gonna be trash once Bron and AD leave. I could care less about a pick 5 years from now when we’re probably never gonna get a duo like Bron and AD again. You gotta take the risk even given their injury history.

  9. Lakers won’t move both picks on a whim when they know of AD and Brons injury history. One injury and those two picks you traded are wasted, and for what? A gamble?

  10. We only have this year and next year as our window to win. Why waste another season I could care less about a pick 5 years away

  11. Suns are the new rockets. Act tuff in the reg season but fold in the playoffs

  12. We ain’t gonna get another Lebron or AD type of duo in a very long time especially with this ownership so I rather go all in and trust Lebron and AD in the playoffs with decent role players than throwing another year. Lebrons not gonna be 2018 Bron every year so I rather go all in and if we lose, then I’m fine with it knowing we tried our best with Bron and AD

  13. This ownership is who got the duo in the first place. This is such a weird sentiment. It’s the lakers dude. Someone will always wanna come

  14. Lebron didn’t come because of Rob and Jeanie bro it was because of his businesses, family, and that his time with the cavs was over with. Plus what are the odds we get another top 2 player of all time to come here anytime soon

  15. Our championship window has closed unless we make some massive moves in the off-season

  16. Y’all gotta stop posting highlights from the championship season shit just makes us more depressed

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