1. I’m assuming the “Hay Issue” is in reference to the taste; I didn’t get a chance to try any of the last batch so I don’t really have much to compare it to. I was throughly impressed with the smoke tho. mellow, sweet and gassy 🤙🏻

  2. May the communists have mercy on your downvote arrow…

  3. Because one’s opinion on weather cannabis should be decriminalized or not lays out their whole political morality; y’all are too silly and toxic af.

  4. Happened to a cured resin luster from them. They didn't even bother responding to my emails. Certified Trash. The carts leak out the bottom as well. They don't care.

  5. I’ve found that most of their products are sub-par at a premium price.

  6. Looks like crystallization from the thc. Sometimes with a cart or pod like this you can use a hair dryer and get that to liquify again.

  7. Hey man, there’s no parking on the grass😝

  8. 37.4% indica, bold earthy / sweet lemon. Probs my new go to for movie night. Some of the most potent flower on the market. I scooped 5 10ths @ verdant creations 20% off for $198 yesterday.

  9. yes but it also mean anyone how is homosexual in history can not be talked about or anything that could even be related to sexual orientation which if you did not know people like Alexander the Great were gay so we would not be able to talk about that part of history at all which is a problem and also if s teacher hears that a student might be gay they have to immediately tell the parents even if the kid has a bad home life and if they dont tell the parent they can be fired on the spot.

  10. If they are famous for just being a homosexual then they aren’t important to history. Alexander the Great , gay or straight doesn’t change history. Stop being ridiculous.

  11. even if they don’t say the word gay they cant talk about the person that is what i am saying anything that involves a gay person at all cant be talked about according to the house bill

  12. Why does any historical figure’s sexual orientation matter? They aren’t being remembered for being LGBTQ. If they are then they don’t need to be popularized to young kids. You go to school to learn about “big picture” ideas, not something that effects less than 1% of the population. I agree that everyone’s home life is different and can be very difficult, but thats why schools have councilors and resources. I have a bunch of friends in the LGBT community and they all agree with these bills protecting the fragile developing minds of children.

  13. I believe there was a 20% off everything sale, tends to happen. Its the first place I check out, other than yesterday, I never have long waits. Super friendly staff too! I waited 1.5hours and said something to the people outside on my way out, so I had to comment🤙🏻

  14. Verdant is the only dispensary that allows you to put together an order online and they will run out and not tell you to avoid conflict. It’s happened to me multiple times, it’s awful, and it only happens at verdant. They say that they get a huge influx of orders at 11am when they open and the system allows orders to be processed even if the stock is short . All other dispensaries Will not let you order the product if they dont have enough supply. Which is very odd because most of the dispensaries use iheartjane to process orders and once again this only happens at verdant. Just lazy stock management from a poorly ran establishment.

  15. 30% off EVERYTHING @ Verdant Creations in Columbus 🤑🤑

  16. You should hit just about all carts between 2.5-3.2v I like keeping mine at 2.8v. This will give a better overall taste and your coil won’t burn as fast. If you don’t have percussion control on your battery it’s usually the low/medium setting.

  17. i stay hitting mine at 3.5-4 (max) and it lasts usually two days 😂

  18. You’re literally sucking on a chimney stack doing that. Obviously you’re not buying your vapes from a licensed dispensary either going thru a gram in 2days, good luck bud

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