1. I would say that All Trades scratched that itch for me, the first book is called Master of None I believe.

  2. So I found this really intriguing and wanted to help out. I used some of the suggestions a couple of people already suggested, what you wanted, and what you already rolled and built a character:

  3. What Magical items would you recommend?

  4. Take a three level warlock dip. That would not only allow you to cast darkness on yourself without spending ki, but also to see through your own darkness for a bunchload of teleports. Although you shouldn't have that many problems in ToH. For rogue dips is one or two levels sufficient.

  5. Oh idk if it's changed or not but I don't know anything about it so I want to be surprised and not plan for every encounter

  6. Divinity original sin 2 is the closest thing I can the no of but it does require at least a mediocre setup

  7. If you are planning on going melee Thai would suggest swashbuckler, it gives you way more options that being having more opportunities for sneak attack also you get a boost to initiative equaling to your Cha as well as a 3rd lvl ability called fancy footwork basically letting you leave someone's attack range without provoking attack of opportunity so all in all I'd say this is the best choice if you intend on being up front.

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