1. I swear, if we awaken the war mind for a third time!

  2. Don't think I forgot that time you orbital bombarded me! /s

  3. No. There are so many other completed manga to keep our attention indefinitely. I recommend Ase to Sekan

  4. We're also forgetting how darkness is a neutral power. Osiris has as much a risk to be corrupted as we do with stasis.

  5. Damn man, i love chonky warlocks and this would've been perfect. Thanks!

  6. I've seen Xur sell that armor once. A lot of people got the shader as well.

  7. Copy pasta from a few days ago but still works. Another piece of advice is to inspect what more skill players are using. More often than not they are using meta weapons/loadouts.

  8. He looks like he sells propane and propane accessories

  9. I think many new players are only now experiencing what a lackluster season is. I remember how the general mood towards trials and the announcement of the DSV and sunsetting turned an entire community down. And it was BAD. I could tell there weren't many concurrent players until Arrivals. Which, just like last year, will feel like the game came back to life (I hope). There's a good amount of players who will stick by Destiny 2 until it peeters out.

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