Can I have skill capes at level 98?

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Call an ambulance, I'm laughing too hard.

  1. Safe to assume anything in the lower price brackets is going to contain botanical terps

  2. These drives have to SUCK. Not knowing if any moment something is gonna just blow up and fill you with shrapnel

  3. I aim for genetics and terpene profiles when trying to get the best bang for my buck.

  4. Honestly the real shitty grind is from 95-98. Once I hit 98 I feel amazing knowing it’s all almost over

  5. Lmao that's just a normal luster battery with BR branding. There is nothing special or new about it.

  6. Ah the age old “if it didn’t happen to me it’s not a thing” argument. Wait let me get some popcorn.

  7. This was easier to achieve when dispensaries had smell jars and you could inspect the medicine before purchase. Normally the look/smell test yielded me with incredible medicine and they would routinely be lower THC.

  8. Where are people getting this apex brand? Is it a sunnnyside product?

  9. This can’t be an effective use of munitions.

  10. I second certified. Usually doesn’t have much as far as nugs but the smell and effect are great almost every time.

  11. These have got to be some of more brutal videos I think I’ve ever seen. Often times I’m curious if I can traumatize my self by watching such content

  12. Curious how many rebels are still alive and fighting today that fought back then.

  13. I’m so happy I wrestled in high school. I feel like I would have got the shit picked out of me with out it.

  14. My partner refuses to honestly work on their sexual intimacy with me after 5 years of being together our sex life has become almost nonexistent. I’ve been begging her for sensual, more thoughtful sessions to which she is really only interested in getting the job done and moving on. When I complain that I’m not satisfied she feels offended. Im desperately craving a level of flirtation, foreplay she doesn’t seem willing to give any longer. Any suggestions?

  15. Pretty fine shake but it still has some body to it. Looks like you just put some in the grinder. Hopefully the effects remain as strong as it’s bud counterpart

  16. A lot of the shakes will be listed as shake but really be really small buds

  17. I’m sure that’s part of it. There’s a shit load of money to be made in this industry. With that opportunity comes ALOT of disingenuous individuals.

  18. They all need express lanes! Makes zero sense to make people wait who have orders in. Amazing how bad these places fail at basic retail organizing.

  19. I think another commentator had a good point… it’s kinda weaponized incompetence.

  20. Was just about to say. Lots of juice here. Squared jaw, overly aged.

  21. Some people have insane genetics…yanno…like Olympic athletes

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