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  1. What is your reasoning for transferring to AST?

  2. If you want NBH, you need to transfer to AST. It’s not going to trade again. That theory was created by space call shareholders. That’s never happened again. There’s been no negotiations with NBH. Zero. Everything you’ve heard is speculation by shareholders based on nothing. We have to sue to get paid.

  3. So what's the difference in suing with shares in AST vs suing with shares in Fidelity?

  4. If you’re in AST, you own NBH and can’t sue. MMTLP is the placeholder. NBH is the dividend. If you own MMTLP, you haven’t received the dividend. If you own NHB in AST, you have been paid and have no legal standing.

  5. The problem I see, to many people label someone a shill if their thoughts or opinions oppose the general consensus. I never block anyone, I believe in the freedom of speech. U also like to hear both sides to a argument

  6. Because calling anyone who disagrees with your exact interpretation of events a shill doesn't mean they are actually a shill. Leave that energy at Superstonk plz

  7. "MMTLP shareholders with settled positions as of 12/12/22 Record Date will receive one (1) share of Next Bridge Hydrocarbons, Inc"

  8. I work in our State’s AG’s Office. We’ve opened an investigation into this. Our teacher’s retirement fund was heavily invested in TRCH and owns MMTLP, as does our general fund.

  9. The 12 is the last date. T+2 makes the 14 the last day according to the SEC approved S1, which is as official as you you can get. FINRA is a for-profit company. They’re responsible for MMTLP illegally trading to begin with. TRCH/MMAT never authorized it.

  10. Translation: The SEC sets Ex-dividend dates, META did not disclose or quoted Ex-dividend dates to shareholders and FINRA stepped in and Halted trading on Ex-dividend dates the end....

  11. I signed a NDA, after my interview. Others might comment. Ask them.

  12. I surmised this at the halt. They knew it would be halted. They knew FINRA etc. would do nothing to protect retail. So what do they do? Drive the price down. Why? If a legal action is commenced they can simply say, "The all-time high price was ~$12.50.... and it stopped trading <$3. The company has no revenue! Retail traders saying it's worth high prices are making it up based on wild speculation!" This will force a settlement offer far lower than if had they been forced to close on time as expected in the market. That was the game plan. In the end, retail has to fight for their legal ownership rights and the shorts mostly get off the hook with minimal damage.

  13. That’s not how it works. The dividend is not cash. The dividend is NBH shares. Three state AGs and seven foreign governments are now investigating. Class action lawsuits will commence. A teacher’s state retirement fund is invested and their union is working with their State AG to investigate and then sue.

  14. Why are mods leaving this post up and not blocking this person? Highly suspicious.

  15. Show me proof that META did anything to stop the trading of MMTLP..

  16. Thank you Roza for being the one to stand up for us. We all want to stand up but most of us just don't have the means or ability to do so. I personally am out a few thousand and will survive, but I read some stories of people losing their savings over this fraud. What you are doing could make a difference in thousands of lives and you should be commended on all your efforts.

  17. The TRO is moot, he waited too long. TRO is to keep the status quo. He needed to seek an immediate hearing and didn't. Personal opinion, the suit is going nowhere.

  18. TRO was filed immediately and it was recommended by the judge, dumb ass. The person filing is a she, not a he.

  19. I am the one who sold to Cymbalism. I have more left if you want them. I know the process as I am the pioneer in this. Message me if you want.

  20. We know you’re lying, because the DTCC chill is in affect. Absolutely no trades allowed.

  21. Ok let me walk your stupid ass thru this . I have shares in my Acct that say next bridge this is a fact I took those shares and transferred them to a fellow reddit guy who wanted some . He in turn transferred me over cash from his Acct. What don’t you get. There is no trade but there absolutely was a sale and buy we did it I now did it twice in fact and about to do more . It took 3 minutes and Td nor Schwab care if you transfer money and shares to each other. Now go have someone read this to you so you get that it’s not a trade or some stupid chill order or Even Grey market We did it and ppl should be greatful I showed them a way out if they don’t want it or happy they can gather more. You want more I’d be happy to sell em to you

  22. I have a friend at Fidelity that is your friend’s supervisor and he says they don’t have enough NBH to cover everyone. Not even close it I/6.

  23. Why The continual line of needing physical certificates? Brokers ate screwed here, they know it, and are trying to kick the can as much as possible.

  24. When will shorts be forced to cover their MMTLP positions?!? Fidelity sold me these shares and it is clear that AST have already registered the number of shares that should have been issued. I purchased my shares from Fidelity not FINRA. Fidelity has the obligation to back what the sold me. If Fidelity sold me counterfeit/naked shorts, the rules created say they must buy back at the price of the holders. Where's my money??? My price is $1,000, but since the symbol is halted and Fidelity won't allow me to place a sell order higher than $17.37, how will I be able to sell my shares at my price? #FINRAfraud needs to stop immediately!

  25. What’s the source for this? Don’t see it on John or George’s or metas Twitter…

  26. I did. I get they (SEC) filed S-1 effective notice saying it’s complete on 18th or whatever, but not “approving” it on basis of truthfulness, so buyer beware. But they (NB) still have not had corporate actions filed by FINRA. Brda hinting that there could be a problem makes no sense unless it’s true.

  27. I know SEC accepted and listed. But FINRA can have finding of deficiency. Point being something can trigger S-1 amendment. Process starts over. Just because it’s in S-1 doesn’t mean NB has approval to do anything if they are not compliant with rules. If they don’t give info soon it can even trigger suspension of trading on OTC. Everyone like S-1 “approved” done deal. It’s not yet.

  28. The original OP said he took it from Webull chat so it could be fake or he’s a time traveler.

  29. It’s fake. They’re not open on the weekend. They’ve never posted on Sunday. The date and times are wrong. It’s obviously photoshopped.

  30. It’s fake. FINRA is closed on weekends. They never post on Sundays. The dates and times are wrong. It’s poorly Photoshop and you can see where the mistakes are.

  31. They aren’t approving or denying it. That’s not they’re job. SEC already approved it. FINRA is only notifying brokers.

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