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  1. Fun fact: Ambien also comes in a Instantaneous onset version. Known as Zlopimist. It’s liquid Ambien that you spray in your mouth. It’s about 5-10 seconds(anesthesia fast) till you feel different. Then by 30 seconds your eyes get heavy(you could also be hallucinating at this point). 1.5 mins in you are a zombie. 3 minutes your “asleep”. Most likely at that 3 minute mark. Retrograde amnesia has kicked in and you can no longer form memories. 5 mins in and you are probably having sex with a prostitute(ask our favorite Winnie the Pooh character tiger…woods)

  2. Ahh. Got your doge on the crypto exchange (it’s not a exchange but close enough) mostly likey to go bankrupt next. So if you haven’t learned from the FTX disaster… no one is going to feel bad when you lose your money. I could say not your keys not your crypto. But that’s pretty obvious at this point. Lucky for you. The doge wallet for windows(other os?) can create paper wallets for free! Your very own Air-Gapped Physical Hardware Wallet for the low low price of free. Where’s Favio(I’m murdered your name right? Oops lol. But I’m pushing your beloved paper wallets). Your paper wallet allows you to assume total and complete control over your assets for FREE! No worries of getting phished(ok if you type your private key into a phishing site. You got bigger issues), hacked. Obviously you do have the downside of it’s highly flammable. But you have to remember your paper wallet has the highest security chip known to man. It literally can not be hacked. Well because it’s paper. Can’t hack paper from across the globe.

  3. I only think if weed is legal where you are and people are drinking, you should be able to smoke, outside respectfully tho.

  4. Why should it have to be legal. I mean who cares if your at chuck-e-cheese sparking up a fatty with the mascot(not the animatronic one). Or down at the BMV/DMV ripping your lung buster bong. It shouldn’t be frowned upon just because it’s a illegal plant.

  5. Only thing about sleep on weed is it’s not really the greatest for your brain. THC is known to inhibit REM sleep. Which if you know is a essential process.

  6. Possibly why I have not slept good in a few years

  7. It’s a good possibility if your a everyday all day smoker type.

  8. I mean are you paying for people to sign up. I mean they get nothing to sign up and you get money. So they are working for free essentially and your profiting off free work.

  9. Better add some more gun laws quick before another one happens. I’m pro 2nd amendment. But i actually support California gun laws staying in California. Why don’t they just make it Illegal for felons to use modern weapons. If you must commit a mass shooting you must only use a musket at a range of 200 yards and only iron sights.

  10. There are ppl when they are in high euphoria* they don't even succumb to tazers.

  11. Oh you wrote in Port-You-goose. That’s the only way I can remember how to say it. Lol

  12. I hope it’s available. I have a bottle. If it’s not then it’s classified. I guess I better go store it in my garage next to my 67 corvette for safe keeping.

  13. Phew. Okay. I don’t have to hide it then. It’s not a matter of it exist. Because Delta Extrax is probably brewing up some H4CBDp as we speak. Probably going to do a alt noid blend of PHC + H4CBDp + H4CBDo + THC-JD + H4THC + H4CBN + H4CBG. Don’t doubt if a cannabinod exist. Because delta extrax creates them out of thin air.

  14. I mean Hover-1 scooters aren’t the best but they get the job done for $300 or less. Wally World sells them. Again don’t expect more then 12 miles range. Maybe 15mph. But it’s got a warranty. So you know. If it breaks(it will) you have a warranty to back it up.

  15. What is the range of the AirTag when you put it in the stem like this? I’ve got an engineering background and surrounding a wireless radio with metal on all sides seems like it would seriously diminish the signal strength

  16. I made a box out of steel plate. Well my dad did. And he welded it together and then we used 2 tubes of JB Weld to affix it permanently to aluminum battery well. Inside was 2 AirTags for redundancy. With the footplate installed I get about 12.5 Feet of range before it disconnects. With it off(I mean you’d never take it off to drive it) I get about 17-18 feet range. Yes before you ask the obvious question. No I do not intend on replacing the batteries in the AirTags. It was more of a proof of concept on a budget M365 Pro Clone.

  17. GT3 Super Speedway. 200 laps for the chance to win a F1 Car or… a Slow TVR. It’s like gambling for children. Except you might get carpal tunnel trying to complete it. After the 100th lap. Your doing this around every corner. I mean if you picked a slightly fast car you already 30 laps ahead at this point. So just send her into the wall. It’s much funner once you have the F1 car… ok that’s a lie. If you have the F1 car and enter the 200 lap race at super speedway. The F1 car is so OP your 10 laps ahead on the 24th lap. It isn’t much of a race. By lap 199. You could take a 15 minute nap and still not get lapped.

  18. Do you have a gaming controller connected?

  19. It’s a Mac… it’s pretty obvious they wouldn’t have a gaming controller for a Intel MacBook Air. You can’t exactly play games on it.

  20. Hopefully they don’t get the bird flu before the big game.

  21. I’m new to the idea that women don’t stop smoking weed while pregnant?? Is that real??

  22. Well my wife was forced to Microdose THC(1mg 2x daily) during her pregnancy because no other Anti-Vomit drug worked. Her doctor Okayed it. My daughter turned out perfectly healthy.

  23. Well the Russians ruined our chances of recreating the scene in real life. Using a strip of ocean as the “runway”. Wait can a that large of a plane fly below 150mph? Ok what if we just use a Cessna I know a good Cessna pilot. Top tier pilot. Harrison Ford. Zero safety violations. Absolutely zero FAA violations. Highly recommended by the Taliban International Flight and Defensive Flying School.

  24. Wow 1% of $8.88 is only $0.00103??? Must be that common core math now days.

  25. You might need a little break from weed. I know it sucks and I’m not saying forever, but your body might need time to adjust to the new medication regimen and right now weed is messing with it. Give it a few weeks and then try again

  26. I think you’re confused on what I said. I didn’t start a new medication. I didn’t mention it but I took a full 6 months off every cannabinoid including CBD and nothing changed. Actually it got worse! I’m not currently on any medication except klonipin. Which I was on before I started saphris. So that’s not the issue.

  27. Do you print these in house? Because if your using a service that handles everything and you just put in a design. That’s not cool.

  28. I roll 3.5 gram joints on the daily. It’s not really a achievement. It’s more like a addiction. But we’re not allowed to say it’s addictive. That’s frowned upon In the cannabis industry. Truth is it is addictive.

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