1. “I deliberately lessened my living conditions to own the Landlord 😎😎😎”

  2. Seriously. Enjoy slow drainage. If I discovered that in the drains they would pay for cleaning it and there would not be a second time.

  3. Don’t forget the sacrifices of our soldiers at the Malabar front (healthcare workers at hospitals) brother. We must we what we can to help the effort. Double plus good.

  4. I’m not “laughing now”, per se, but I want you all to know I used to be a longtime progressive activist and filmmaker and I was so disgusted by the mainstream Liberals during Covid that I’ve officially abandoned the “Left”.

  5. Action, not words. They are jabbed, we are not. They silently enabled the injustice against us while we fought it tooth and nail.

  6. Yeah, I'm sick of this never ending pandemic stuff. Covid is a bigger problem for some, and not just the elderly, but we can't just say it's constantly an emergency. We need somebody to declare the pandemic over in a big way. Let the hypochondriacs keep hiding or wearing their duck bill masks because they don't believe it

  7. I can't even go to the Science Museum of Chicago TODAY without having to mask if I want to enter a couple exhibits because "social distancing cannot be maintained". I went on New Year's Day. The place was jam freaking packed. What difference does it make? We need a CDC or WHO official to say "The Pandemic is Over. Now it's something we can manage" in order to have legal recourse to fight BS mandates people still try to put in place

  8. Those officials are the same ones who have been fucking us for three years. They are clearly enjoying it too much and have no incentive to stop.

  9. I've got something long for her, but its not covid

  10. Wait for the pentavalent vaccine - mRNA for Omicron + mRNA for flu + mRNA for diseases not invented yet + mRNA for malnutrition + mRNA for mitigating side effects of mRNA. The package is out soon after our lords test or on 5 mice.

  11. That’s eight mice not five. What are you, a racist misogynist with a medical degree from facebook? Saint Blackface (MBUX) may not tolerate you.

  12. They own jets, pilots and airstrips too probably. They certainly don’t “request” anything.

  13. The problem is that no one asked us normal Germans. Everyone I know who knows about this story thought it was massively WTF and that the vaccination makes no sense. But the professional custodian (or whatever it's called) that made this decision for her is definitely nothing short of fascist and no one knows why the first court approved this decision.

  14. “Normal Germans” subdued, brainwashed and extremely obedient populace of a militarily, financially and culturally occupied country projected to be minority in their own lands in a few decades. Pretty grim tbh. Of course they wouldn’t be asked.

  15. I remember in anatomy & physiology I, the professor was very passionate about cardiac muscle fibers never coming back when they're damaged.

  16. It’s kinda funny that you see yourself as a collector, yet you buy low quality sunglasses that are made in China ordered from a company that’s only in it for the profit, and complain if they’re not “pristine”.

  17. She famous for shaking her ass or is she a health scientist? She should stick to what she understands

  18. Complain when landlord won’t allow you to keep a mutt. Complain if landlord allows it. This is entertaining.

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