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  1. Big Sneaky Barbarian and Chrysalis: The Antventure Begins were both incredibly hilarious. Definitely get the audio.

  2. Great list! How about: Hell Divers, Sun Eater, and Cold as Hell for some great recs!

  3. The Buried Goddess Saga by Bruno and Castle is a favorite series that I don’t see mentioned anymore. It’s sad we seem to have such short seasons for books. Now they are writing a weird western fantasy series that’s really great. Love their characters and voice. It really translates well to audio.

  4. Life in Exile and the follow up A New Home are arcs in Sean Oswald’s main series. I love the family and LitRPG elements there. Peter Berkrot is always quality audio.

  5. I stopped in book two because I wasn’t reading it frequently enough to remember the characters well. I’m waiting for the series to finish and am trying this year to finish series I love the most (and have books out).

  6. Happy release! Reminds me of being behind on this series too, but I rejoice!

  7. I’m in the middle of two of your series and just got this one too. Love the worldbuilding in all of your series as well as the characters. Any goals for this year to be more efficient with sleep as well as work?

  8. Congrats on the release! Steamforged was great! Looking forward to this one too.

  9. Chrysalis: The Antventure Begins, Big Sneaky Barbarian, The Sun Eater series, and Cold as Hell are all awesome listens.

  10. I’m decades in and still have self doubt. You might enjoy Rachel Aaron’s 2k to 10k novel, which has a great 3 step process to brainstorming the book you’re excited about and then how to prep so you don’t get stuck for long. We all struggle with first drafts, but in our experience we’ve seen how we grow through edits and with each new book. Keep going!

  11. I added the Sun Eater but couldn't managed to find the Jeff Haskell The Grimm series on Audible. Maybe a region restriction. But I'll check it out. Thank you.

  12. Sorry about that. Jeffery H. Haskell is the author’s full name, book one is Against All Odds. Enjoy!

  13. Cold as Hell has the narrator from Red Dead and is probably the best book I read this year. Everything by Bruno and Castle has been great. They have a complete fantasy series, The Buried Goddess Saga, that is incredible. Luke Daniels on audio there.

  14. Just finished Big Sneaky Barbarian and loved it. OP mc and hilarious all the way.

  15. Rachel Aaron’s 2k to 10k book helped me focus my brainstorming. I use it at all stages of my series writing.

  16. Thanks for your generosity and time, authors, Bryce and friends :)

  17. Congrats! I’m stuck near the last boss in ffv. Man is this one tough.

  18. Haven’t beaten V yet. I plan on it tho! I’m playing VI now. Beat IV, VII, XV, X, IX, and VIII so far! How are you liking the job system btw in V?

  19. I have only beaten FF Tactics and 6, so I’m old school. I love the job system in 5, but I played this with my young son and we entered the final stage with too few MP restore items and a few others. Our levels are mid 40s with good skill evolution but maybe not enough to beat all the final bosses.

  20. Anything by TJ Reynolds, Seth McDuffee, RinoZ, Curator Omega…

  21. What’s your favorite book from this past year? Kill Streak, Chrysalis: The Antventure and Big Sneaky Barbarian are my top three.

  22. Can I get some idea of what I’m walking into and if it’s available on Royal Road? I know I don’t want a spoiler but from the title it sounds like this could be anything. Tell me the tropes without spoiling the story! MC power progression type? (Rags to riches or god among paper tigers?)

  23. Hey, sorry I tried to edit my original comment to add more but Reddit kept giving me errors. The author is affected by the storm right now, so they might come in here when power is restored and answer themselves.

  24. Scifi LitRPG rec! I missed that this was released and wanted to share in case anyone else is up for one of my favorite new series. The characters and worldbuilding are top-notch, and the pacing kept me entertained through the epic end of book one. Book two starts out with a helpful narrative refresher of the prior events, and quickly takes off. Curator Omega writes in the same universe as Interstellar Gunrunner, but with new characters and a LitRPG setup that resembles a Monster Evolution tale. I don't want to spoil anything. This is a truly great story. I can't wait to avoid responsibilities to listen to more today :)

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