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  1. Mister Rodgers great grand father.

  2. Mister Rodgers might not have but his great grandfather obviously did.

  3. The only issue is that I can’t give them to a s&r contact, which means I have no other choice BUT to sell them into slavery or feed them to a thargoid, or just eject them somewhere into space lol

  4. Isn't there a way, if you own a carrier, to sell them to a secure warehouse to remove the stolen flag? You have to own the carrier though because you can't buy from a secure warehouse. I might be wrong, haven't played in a while.

  5. Nobody else in the room even gave a fuck. lol

  6. Typical red vs blue, nothing to see here.

  7. Eight zeros, was this not the Code for a Long Time?

  8. She waiting on her number to come up...aren't we all. Don't worry, it will be called before you know it and at the most inopportune time.

  9. Cutter has issues getting into small spaces, it's just the ship. Something smaller might be nice, but you don't need it, just move around more to hit the deposits.

  10. Pretty sure that was a Clipper, still a large ship though.

  11. That was likely the bait car and while the cops had it pulled the real shipment drove through. Lose a little to move a lot.

  12. Isn’t this all luck? How do you even skillfully catch a bigger fish?

  13. Using bigger lures usually means fewer smaller fish but luck does play a big part.

  14. Easy solution: install a bidet sprayer on the toilet. Best invention ever.

  15. Then you can just use a towel that's on the wall on the other side of the sink.

  16. Guess that's why most of them are full of shit.

  17. Military grade too. Whatever the fuck that means. Must have depleted uranium in it in stead of molybdenum disulfide.

  18. Military Grade means it has just enough features or materials to get the job done. It’s just a fancy way of saying the barest cheapest version imaginable that still works. Advertising has totally warped the meaning and tries to make it sound like it’s some super duper tough that’s made from the best of the best but it’s, in fact, the EXACT opposite of that lol!

  19. I heard that a fender bender of those sounds like 6 Pringles in a stack getting crunched.

  20. It has a side impact beam though.

  21. Best bet is to contact the impound yard and see what they have to say as they should know the conditions to be met before it can be reliesed.

  22. Skyler and Marie from Breaking Bad.

  23. Five hours? What about pipes and cables? Surely that would take a while.

  24. She might actually be dumb enough to date me. Anyone have a facebook or onlyfans link for this sweet catch?

  25. They exited life on their terms. RIP. #FUCKCANCER.

  26. I would expect an adult toy. No, not that kind. Something like a jet ski or a Glock.

  27. The super size option comes with a Catamaran or a Desert Eagle.

  28. NASA kid has seen some shit.

  29. The kid next to him is shielding a hard on with his duffle bag while staring at fly shit on the ceiling.

  30. He might have been looking at the items on the table.

  31. Have you looked into a connecticut electric emergen switch? Had one installed after juan by an electrician, no need for nsp, only took a couple days to get and cheaper then a generlink. Might not be what your looking for though.

  32. I have the top 5 of those. Peral Jam is the only one I still listen too though.

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