1. Well.. you see I have a cousin, he lives in the foot hills of Alabama.. good guy.. but…

  2. I love this I was with my bro my sis and my cousin loved it awesome right now I want to play with you

  3. Oh yes watched many friends completely have a relationship with their hands more I think the more time the worse, platonic intimacy is a given it is human nature to connect he needs time to find himself so serve as the lighthouse and remind him he’s loved he will sail into port eventually

  4. Panties are essential you gotta get a few of em on your whip you know that slick pole want it bad

  5. I would dig it if you were who cares what others think be content with you

  6. I got mine at Barnes and nobles there’s also staples office supply

  7. I’m not a female but I wear panties and like big boys I like riding them wanna see

  8. I’m in Idaho but I’m sprackwd just had a thick ass forty blast

  9. Correction beautiful hot sexy play toy really I hope someone sees how cute you are and your happy

  10. Ya know I get it smokin snorting booty bumpin ain’t nothing on slamming it when you go from rush to clothes off and porn for hours it’s easy to say, now purely for economic necessity slamming be my only ingestion method and the effects of the sexual exploration. It really helps to find someone and explore together, the natural beauty evolution of diminished inhibitors is a side effect of every drug smoke green it’s munchies, slam black you nodding off and no boner; clear in the main vein you get naked before the rush.

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