1. It was then that David solemnly returned to the sporting goods counter, and quietly opened the gun case...

  2. Have you had any luck catching any European longwave stations?

  3. I did hear a couple out of Africa at one time or another, but I am not sure if I ever heard Europe. I didnt prowl around down there as much as I probably should have.

  4. I have ran into the same issues here as well. I have the necessary municipal plot and a trade agreement, but I am not sure what else I need. I, will see if I can figure out how to assign someone to the power room at the castle (assuming I can find it) tonight.

  5. where can i find these? what size? and do they stay on well?

  6. I got these off of Amazon, and they're... OK. I'd like to get the ruff wears from REI, but these were the best I, could do at the time. The Ruff Wears are more money, but the d guess they stay on better. These took a few tries before they stayed on, but they still got turned around pretty easily.

  7. Maybe this is gafiitti is really just pro meth propaganda?

  8. Walmart has no idea what they want to be when they grow up. They want to do everything for everyone which means they do nothing really well, and it's going to be their undoing. This is just another symptom of that lack of direction.

  9. Back in the stone age known as the late 80s, I worked with a stockman we will call Jake. Jake took the concept of slacking and owned it, elevating it to an art form never before seen by man. He would take naps in the display tents set up in sporting goods, he set up a table and chair behind some boxes on the top rafter so he could relax in comfort, and even managed to not only steal a battery for his car, but managed to have management wheel it out the door for him.

  10. Thanks brother. It's a Caspian frame. This ones modeled after the 4th variant. By the time these were being made some of the old Colt frames (post 1945) were documented to have over 500k rounds on them.

  11. Very nice. It would be cool to have one built on an old colt frame, but a waste of a classic survivor too. The later Caspian frame version is an excellent choice.

  12. You have one of the sexiest goddamn rifles ever made!

  13. This would be me in the near future, if I wasn't laid off two weeks ago. :(

  14. Everyone they can, including four hot dog vendors and a ball boy. It could be worse though. They could be the Blackhawks. :(

  15. This reminds me of 2020 when they closed the store for the riots. One of the assistant managers brought a coworker and myself into the back room and told us that Walmart values the opinions of their employees, and that out of respect for those opinions we are going to close at 6 PM so that associates have a opportunity to be heard, and to voice their opinions in a constructive, peaceful manner.

  16. "We're concerned about our associates' safety, so we're going to have them barricade themselves inside the stores instead of letting them be at home."

  17. Well, not quite. They barricaded the doors after the employees left. I have pictures of it somewhere. That was definitely one of the craziest, most surreal things I ever witnessed at WalMart.

  18. I don't know if she's the antichrist or not, but I can tell you her kitchen spatchula sucks.

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