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  1. So I saw the comments that you've fixed your issue but I highly recommend you just uninstall cc cleaner entirely! It does way more harm than good and your pc might actually be slower with it.

  2. The rounded search box isn't showing up for me tho (22623.1095)

  3. There's a lil ribbon cable just for keyboard lights attached to the mobo, next to the internal battery cable. Mine wasn't clipped down all the way causing same prob.

  4. Thanks for replying! May you please send a photo of the cable so that I don't accidentally mess up anything?

  5. A pic of it is here. Not your exact model but the JBL2 connector location is in same place as my An515-58

  6. Open your file explorer and copy-paste this into your adress bar:

  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NUYHxEcLtc4&t=177s

  8. umm, I just realized... The nitro keyboard lighing isn't the same as predator, will it still work?

  9. So, I'll have to uninstall predatorsense and reinstall nitrosense every time I want to change the colors and then uninstall nitrosense and reinstall predator?

  10. You either have a virus or your fans are extremely dusty and your termal paste is all gone. I recommend you install Malwarebytes to check for any weird shenanigans happening in the background. You could have some sort of malware. If that is the case please make sure to change all of your passwords after getting rid of the virus.

  11. U look up, into the sky. This works in rl as well. trust

  12. So i did the tricky mouse method and I could only see deepslate and diamond ore, no luck of finding the sky :(

  13. Just wanted to know what is the point of having the laptop stop charging at 80%?

  14. The laptop battery can degrade over time, so it will last you less in a year from now that it last you rn. This process is accelerated when you keep your battery at a low number or even 0% constantly and the same goes for when you keep it at 100%. Locking it at 80% can help protect your battery.

  15. That would be really cool if later versions of this app was in powertoys. I have some big posts coming up.

  16. Well, yes but it isn't op's creation, this is stolen from a post from 1 year ago

  17. I hate it bcuz I have translucentTB and it is just a Grey line

  18. This isn't a bug. It's to give the taskbar a sense of depth.

  19. Too bad it breaks clear taskbar apps because the line usually still remains even if you make the taskbar invisible

  20. I think last time I used wsa Brave worked on it, it's worth a try

  21. Has the same behavior as edge, pages do not load

  22. weird, so I guess chromium just doesn't want to work on wsa now? Most popular browsers are based on chromium except Firefox, which you already said it doesn't work so idk what you should do...

  23. Well, there isn't much to upgrade. You can only upgrade the ram and the storage. That's about it for gaming laptops, and you probably won't need more than 16GB ram

  24. When they changed it to 800 only for the us, robux had gotten completely removed from my country, only to then say coming soon, and its still coming soon

  25. It was based on a bug. The bug got patched so the farm isn't working anymore. Used to be amazing tho

  26. there is one post on it just search in this sub

  27. The nitro 5 covers like half of the sRGB color space, not color accurate at all. red actually looks like orange. most you could do is adjust color temperature to your liking.

  28. For my model (2021 model) the red does look like red, all that felt off was the color saturation which I set to 60 and a bit of the blue on my wallaper also looks a bit off if I compare it to my phone using the same wallpaper, but you cant really tell

  29. I'm super happy to see this post since I've been looking for some color settings. I've tried them out and the result makes some things better while also making all webistes that are in dark mode use a blue-ish gray but I still appreciate it!

  30. If you want a good battery life then gaming laptops probably won't do a good enough job for you. The cpu and the gpu will drain the battery very fast. Gaming laptops are usually best when plugged in. The Nitro 5 is considered a budget laptop and it does not have the best build quality or cooling, but it's still a pretty good laptop. As for how much a nitro would last you, it depends on how much do you use it and how much heat it it faces. You might have seen mixed opinions about then nitro 5 since this subreddit has a lot of people having problems with their laptops, but in reality, a lot of people only post here when they have a problem so you end up seeing more of the bad than the good.

  31. In the nicest possible way, I'm not really interested in helping you hunt this down when I can't search anything on my computer rn.

  32. People: complain about how windows search uses bing

  33. I may I’ll YouTube it but I can’t even get off the driver page in nividia GeForce

  34. you just need to click the settings icon and you'll se wisper mode, make sure it's off, also make sure that battery boost is off as well

  35. Yea man I tried I could even send u a video for it how it wont get off the driver page for GeForce

  36. So, you're saying that Geforce Experience is broken? If so, reinstall it from the Nvidia website

  37. Idk much about laptops but is this close enough Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop/ 11th Gen Intel Core i5-11400H Processor 6 core/ 15.6"(39.6cms) FHD 144 Hz Display (8GB/512GB SSD/GTX 1650 Graphics/Windows 11 Home/RGB), AN515-57 + Xbox Game Pass Ultimate 42% off

  38. It might not be since it has a 1650 but I would recommend you download the Steam VR test from Steam on your laptop and see what it says

  39. I don't have it , I was checking if I could use vr before I buy it , could this run HLA on low ? There this model with 16 gb ram , would that help

  40. Just go to Steam, click the search bar and search for Vr test, then download it and open it. It will start stressing your pc for a few minutes and then its gonna tell you if you can run VR

  41. that's right, it doesn't but upgrading your ram to 16gb will help in most games

  42. Seriously, upgrading your ram won't ever bypass optimus

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