1. Why would I have a dupe that drops shit to the bottom of the map several times a day instead of once and does less work each day when I can just... not?

  2. Well, if you don't design your base where dupes can drop things to the bottom of the map or put a sweeper at the bottom then it's a non issue for everyone. Just sayin.

  3. I'm fairly sure the primary reason is when they fall asleep they drop what they're carrying and when they wake up they get a new task. As a result if they have high commute time it could end up that they can't complete any tasks.

  4. only thing i noticed is that you cant change wall paper. but i use wallpaper engine if youve heard of it. its a app on steam you can have animated backgrounds. weirdly it also removes the water mark. once i go into a game or something the watermark comes back but i guess wallpaper engine overrides it.

  5. oh really? i highly recommend it think it was £2 ($3 ish dollars?) tons of different backgrounds for basically anything you want. you can even make your own.

  6. An animated background sounds kewl, I may check it out.

  7. Are you using the proper slots? Usually it's the 2nd and 4th slots from the CPU but refer to your motherboard manual to make sure.

  8. Maybe double check everything or possibly strip the system down to the case and PSU and rebuild, that's helped me find/fix issues before. It potentially could be something isn't installed or seated right or maybe you got unlucky and one of the components is faulty. You could try benching testing, assembling the minimum components outside the case on maybe the motherboard box, to see if you can get it to boot.

  9. Asymmetric RAM can cause performance issues depending on how the motherboard is designed to handle it. If it's designed to handle it at all but most semi modern boards probably will do it.

  10. Probably a very dumb question, but won’t 16gb ram run fast and the other 8 that I can use for chrome and some apps slow?

  11. They all have to run at the same speed no matter what that speed is. Usually the slowest kits speed at most. Asymmetrical RAM, like the configuration you're suggesting, will probably run in a quazi triple channel mode on the two channels, which can impact performance and/or may not work. That's why you're better off for numerous reasons, most notably compatibility, to either get a matched or similar spec kit in the same capacity with the same number of sticks.

  12. For some people a mouse is a matter of personal preference, fit, and features. I prefer a heavy mouse personally that's a bit on the large size. You may want to check if his present mouse is heavy or lite and get one based on the size of his hand to some extent. The Viper v2 looks like a good model though.

  13. That case looks like is basically has a solid front panel and the fans are on the outside of the case frame. Pretty bad way to design a case for airflow. I doubt you can do much if that's how it's made besides move the fans to the other side(inside) of the case frame.

  14. A bottleneck, generic term and context, inarguably is a substantial reduction in the flow of something. A the neck of a bottle reduces the out flow usually around 50-80%.

  15. That case looks like a glass front with somewhat limited air flow. If it is, it's fine for that hardware but it might not have proper airflow for a more power hungry GPU. The PSU is a little low for wattage if you plan to upgrade the GPU at some point, Other than that it looks fine for the hardware listed. The CPU has some headroom for a GPU upgrade later which is why you may want at least a 650w PSU and maybe a case with a little better airflow.

  16. Haha I know it’s a great result but I’m just curious about that 97% CPU bottleneck, I don’t understand it much and wanted to see if there a potential to squeeze out even more

  17. The bottleneck rating is functionally meaningless for the most part, that's why you don't understand it. MW2 is trash for optimization and it's benchmark isn't much better.

  18. Lol gotcha, didn’t really know what 97% bottleneck meant

  19. That's not to say there isn't a bottleneck but you have all new, top end hardware so besides upping the resolution and setting you're not going to change that. Really a 4090 is suited for 4k.

  20. The upgrade will help with your present GPU and it will also give you some headroom for a GPU upgrade later. You'll have to decide if it's worth it to you but it's not a bad idea if you want to upgrade the GPU in the next few years.

  21. Thank for the answer! Actually this could be my second upgrade in few months, so i will go for a 3060 or 3070 if the 5600 can handle it

  22. The 5600 can reasonably pair with up to around a 3070 so I say go for it.

  23. Anything in the same tier in this flow chart:

  24. Interesting chart and decent enough. First time I've seen it. I don't agree with the description on "Entry Level SATA" though. Most of those are only suited for HDD replacements on systems that get lite use or secondary storage, and that's only if they are stantially cheaper than those listed as "Mid-range SATA" because if the big performance hit. Which they usually are not unfortunately, hence the problem. Overall a good chart though.

  25. There are lots of blackouts in my area so that's why I never updated the BIOS.

  26. I suggest getting the RX 6600, and getting a UPS in stead of or with a CPU upgrade if power in your area is that bad.

  27. I'm suppose to get one, but right now a little short on budget.

  28. Like I said, I suggest you skip getting a CPU upgrade for now and get a UPS first to protect your system. You'll lose some performance verses not upgrading your CPU but it's not a large amount and you can upgrade later.

  29. Lay the PC on it's side, motherboard side down. It's possible to damage things shipping it standing up but if it's a standard case on its side is perfectly fine.

  30. Others have stated how to properly use them but you for real should clean that keyboard, yikes!

  31. Considering there are games where your CPU will bottleneck your 1060gtx and it hasn't bothered you I'd go ahead and get the new GPU first and see how it goes. If games play smoothly and at a decent fps it should be fine even with a bottleneck. I mean every computer in existence has a bottleneck and people still use them just fine.

  32. And yet people panic buy if you tell them it's a 10% reduction in performance. I admit it's not the best moniker, but I'm not the one who started it. I mean I generally use a computer for 5-8 years myself, but I know people who have to upgrade every few months so they can avoid bottlenecking. It's just a bit crazy.

  33. The biggest reason so many people say "tHeRe'SaLwAySaBoTtLeNeCk" is that hot take video from Linus and the entertainers, not tech youtubers, at LTT.

  34. Sounds like, and from you saying it only does it in certain positions, a fan bearing knocking. I'd RMA it if it's under warranty. If it's not under warranty, it's not a big issue as long as the fan keeps spinning. It's possible to replace it with another fan but opening and working on a PSU is potentially very hazardous to your health even unplugged. That fact that you had to post to ask this, you're are very likely unqualified to safely work on a PSU so don't do that.

  35. Weird so it only makes the sound when it’s upright only, when it’s turned on it’s side it doesn’t make the sound at all. Also opening the psu voids the warranty so that’s a no go.

  36. That's exactly how a knocking bear can act. Knocks in one orientation but may not in another unless the bearing is in really bad shape.

  37. You should look to replace the whole PC. A 3770 isn't adequate to properly run a 1080 and probably not enough for a 1660 ti either.

  38. This system is fine for what I want to do. I didn’t buy it with the idea of pc gaming hard core. It’s just something simple I have behind the tv for some casual game sessions. I also don’t mind gaming at 30fps. I just want an older card that will hold on for quite a while.

  39. Yeah it's fine for older stuff at 60 fps. You are still losing some of the GPUs performance with either upgrade though because your CPU isn't really suited to properly utilize GPU you're looking at. Your asymmetric RAM may hurt performance some too. Since you are going to play some modern games, a very old i7 by PC standards like you have is inadequate for a good experience and that will get worse as new, more demanding games come out.

  40. As direct storage technology like SAM/Resizable BAR becomes more prevalent in games, at minimum an NVMe 3.0 drive will become a basic requirement for games. That said, at present most people will not notice much difference between a good SATA SSD and an NVMe for gaming. For some specific data intensive tasks like video editing it's helpful though.

  41. You will probably get at least a 50% jump in performance. That's just about what the performance difference is between the 970 and 1070.

  42. This issue has already persisted between OS reinstalls (not factory reset in windows settings, but a full reinstall) I know these CPU's are aging quite a bit but as I say it should be able to run sea of thieves better than it is (literally the only game I play) I'm working to clean my pc already have compressed air and thermal paste is on the way, just need the rubbing alcohol...

  43. Petrol can work or many other similar solvents, including something like normal Vodka. Though you may want to be more careful and also not use as much with alternative options.

  44. Your call to make but I've used some alternative solvents before and they can work just fine. So if you are still having issues getting iso justed wanted to let you know there are other options. I've even used ammonia based window cleaner which works good enough in a pinch unless the paste is dried on really hard.

  45. That's you're call to make. When selling used you need to feel out what you can get based on recent listings and how fast you want to sell it. Maybe try it at RM500 if you like then lower it 10-20% in a few weeks if it's not selling or getting offers.

  46. *DP to HDMI, they are usually directional cables and can’t be used the other way around.

  47. All the ones I've owned work both ways. If it's not bidirectional it must be a really cheaply made cable or something.

  48. I currently have a Corsair RM750x Gold. It was the only one that was available at the time of ordering.

  49. Both really. Single channel RAM can cause issues like stutters and large FPS dips for gaming even if you get the 580 and the RAM being relatively slow doesn't help either. Getting a 580 is a substantial GPU upgrade though, so that's why getting both is the best answer. Maybe see if you can get 3000-3200mhz RAM for cheaper than the 3600mhz.

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