My 3 year old son drew "a rooster"

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  1. Never been this early to one of these comments - read every word and was completely blindsided!

  2. I think this is what i will end up doing. Thanks to everyone who commented.

  3. Ugh I'm such an idiot I typed THE WRONG INPUT TO THE CHATBOT...

  4. hmm a power bank would be pretty interesting I could do that. also I think I read somewhere that you can combine multiple 9v batteries to make higher voltages

  5. This is prob gonna get downvoted but to be fair most teenagers live with their parents, so not nearly as many expenses.

  6. Why in the actual fuck wouldn't you use wood that's not littered with nails? On a beach, of all places. This isn't satisfying me at all because it is so stupid!

  7. My guess is that these are all the broken pallets that they had no other use for. Better to burn used wood than destroy the new stuff

  8. I wonder if it’s also removing little bits of iron from the sand as well

  9. If I can forgive her surely you can?

  10. She looks like she’s thinking “yeah, what are you gonna do about it?”

  11. They're referring to the spot on the screen, from the battery pushing against it. It's something that a particular youtuber yells when he sees an iPod Nano with one.

  12. Spent some time in a dryer, hence the rim damage. Worth face value.

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