1. Far Harbor and Nuka-World you can start anytime if you know where to go. If not, a radio broadcast or a quest will eventually lead you there. Automatron can't be done before level 15. When you get to that level a radio broadcast will get you started.

  2. You'll get the far harbor and nuka world quest at level 30 and automaton at level 15 (which you can start earlier by heading to the first way point)

  3. FH and NW you can go to right out of Vault 111 if you want. Automatron can only be started at or after level 15 because Ada won't be there.

  4. I see your question has already been answered. There's a lot of good info on settlements here:

  5. I failed to kill it, so I used duct tape to strap it to my helmet so I could use it as a headlamp.

  6. Console commands won't do it, and I seriously doubt you'll find a mod that solves your problem. You'll either need to reload a save or start a new playthrough.

  7. The "y" just looks like an enlarged lowercase y

  8. Agreed. It's tough to make all the letters on a 5x7 grid.

  9. If you wa t it to disappear you can open the console, select it with the mouse and write disable.

  10. Tomorrow's headline in Publick Occurrences: "Half Moon Seen in Diamond City!'

  11. You may have underestimated how much happens with the other factions after the split.

  12. Have you tried using the small, blue coolers? They hold the same stuff.

  13. Well, I'm more concerned with organization logic. I'm pretty solid with glitching containers on shelves, but I can't remember a good way to label them.

  14. I've used letters as well as the "Rename Anything" mod (requires the F4 script extender). Names were:

  15. It's not just settlers - Carla is notorious for taking them. My guess is she has FCs in her inventory. She usually leaves it near where she stands at Bunker Hill.

  16. https://fallout.fandom.com/wiki/Swan?so=search#Background

  17. When moving around outdoors you should frequently hit the V.A.T.S. key to show you enemies and mines. That way you can avoid or attack them as you wish.

  18. A close second is the Astounding Awesome Tales issue "When Apes Go Bananas." I mean - what good is plus 5% damage for the cryolater that nobody uses for more than a few minutes?

  19. If I had to play the game on a console I wouldn't. Bugs that can't fixed on consoles can be fixed in seconds with console commands.

  20. You might not want to. If it is part of a precombine you can break your game. See this article:

  21. You can safely ignore it. After a long while it will time out and go away.

  22. If you have the Vault-Tec DLC build one of these - it allows you to track companions:

  23. I am going to take a wild guess and say youre doing a railroad stealth run

  24. Same here! Only I have done the stabbies. Instigating Disciples Cutlass, maxxed ranks in Ninja, Sneak and melee weapons.. Usually drops them in one hit.

  25. Stealth kill the unnamed raiders first so you don't have to deal with them when they're hostile. Don't forget the Market, Cappy's Cafe, Backstage, etc.

  26. You'll get the quest "Grand Tour" after meeting the gang bosses. When that is complete you'll be told to talk to Gage, who gives you the "Home Sweet Home" quest that is the one you want.

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