1. With that Ken, owww yeah.. I pre-oredered because they fired the old designer and bring someone who really loves Ken..

  2. If you always buy a top level card and sell it when the next generation comes, you can easily pay at least half of it. I got a 3090 now and if I sell it I can easily get a 4099 for half price. Using same card for years is not so logical for that reason.

  3. 24 hours passed. Where is the support? I am a paying customer and you can bsn an account in 3 hours but can't answer a ticket in a day?

  4. It does! I hate seeing my self while gaming

  5. Control your lights then. Position your desk right. I don't even see my keyboard lights on C2. If you use matte, you don't have oled.

  6. Nah i dont wanna sit in the dark all the time. The colors are just amazing on my oled. The coding is a bless to have

  7. You miss the point. You can have all the light you want but they should like look to screen. You can easily use indirect light for example. Anyway. Enjoy your screen!

  8. I am a big fanboy of Asus but for monitors, nope. If it's a screen, it's LG.

  9. Your side monitor is at your side literally.

  10. I already say you can whatever you want. And yeah you are right, I am judging but it's not something bad. I got my own opinion in the end. Having a 42" monitor is already weird for many people, but it's their opinion too. You can't judge someone because he got his own opinion and it's different then yours.

  11. It's better then to get a big OLED but have matte cover on it. This is "trash".

  12. it's mplw logic, you can't play at 42" if you want serious multiplayer fps games. The screen is big to check everywhere at same time. But it's perfect for other things.

  13. Agree 💯 but most ppl on this forum will say otherwise, then get mad at me when I call them noobs

  14. Try to explain yourself without telling them noob :)

  15. Of course not. It's still a LCD and a LCD can't be an OLED.

  16. I sit roughly about 3 feet from my 42 inch C2. and run at 150%. I can see everything clearly from this distance and the screen isn't overwhelming me. Another advantage of going with a smart tv as a monitor is using the built in apps that support hdr and dolby vision as where many of the same windows apps do not. sent you a dm with a picture too.

  17. I got it today and I searched for all the calibrations and such. In the end, I am very happy with everything. Text is very clear and even I use 65 cm deep table and TV is not even in the edge of it, the distance/view angle is perfect. I was thinking to buy 48" but 42" was the right choice.

  18. What’s your desk size / mounting situation? I got a 25.5 inch wide desk.. hesitant on getting a c2

  19. I got my c2 today with 65 cm desk and I even put the TV closer. Don't fear it. It looks so good. I was thinking of 48" but 43 hit just right spot!

  20. Here's a good read on how dimming works on an oled screen and what you can expect:

  21. Thank you very much. This really helped.

  22. Minus they got matte plate on it which kills the experience.

  23. The only answer is with such limited use there's no reason to get an OLED, you're wasting your money.

  24. You say that at /Oled, you know. Nobody asks you that. If you don't like OLED, just leave.

  25. I was thinking about 42 or 48 C2 probably C3, with a 28" deep desk. 48 looks great. Thx for the example!

  26. This looks crazy long. There is no point to get something big if you put it so far tbh.

  27. Well with all the dust and heavy gaming with high temps, it's prone to go bad earlier than expected

  28. no. those mashines are designed for heavy workload anyway. 6 month is very short. 2 years is even short. Please don't give wrong info to people. Some manufacturers even use liquid metal andf you change it you made it worse.

  29. It purely depends on the condition as I said earlier heavy gaming with high temps for longer hours does deteriorates

  30. I used gaming laptops my whole life with 3d rendeng and gaming. I only changed paste after 4 years. The new laptops are getting very hot with slightest workload on them as they are slim and cpu and gpus are OK with high temperatures. channg the paste so often, won't help anything.

  31. These posts never show HOW they treated their equipment. Funny.

  32. He said already he is a technician and how he handles them.

  33. Did you pay for the domain name up front? Or was it "free" with hosting?

  34. I paid for it and after that they said they can't work with the name so they refund me but they keep the name.

  35. Is that all it took was switching usb ports? Hate having to unplug every time I power off

  36. It does not work. If you disconnect it, the lights are still on.

  37. Dang so it sounds like I’ll have to unplug power source every time then

  38. There is a button on the device or yeah you need to kill the power. Or you will prepare the lights as you want from the device when it's not connected to the PC and when you close the PC, it will be still on but at least as you want.

  39. This might actually be a feature of your motherboard. A lot of USB ports have constant power when the PC is off, until you unplug the power supply. It comes in handy a lot of the times, but can be very annoying

  40. Nop, I talked with all of their supporting teams and I learned that, the design was intended so it does not go off when the dongle lost power. You need to close the controller manually.. if I will do things manually, why do I bother with razer?

  41. Sadly Synapse is getting worse and Razer does not care much.

  42. I got an adult membership and I can't publish any public post too. I asked few times and they did not answer.

  43. Razer gets worse with software every day.

  44. Not sure if this is a bug or if E26 bulbs can’t be made dynamic. Would be a shame if they can’t.

  45. hue app sucks for update. you can use hue essential to make it properly.

  46. Does the background make a difference with these lights? My TV is in front of a navy blue wall. Would they still work well?

  47. I got dark blue walls but the colors are fine.

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