1. Tried these when they first came out a few months back and it was so bad that i threw it in the garbage. Glad to hear they’ve improved.

  2. I’m assuming that’s a misprint on the third page where it lists Le’Moon Cake as Watermelon Zum Zum x OG eddy.

  3. Holy terpinolene on that SLD! Those look impressive. Nice to see Klutch and BR putting out some solid concentrates and live resin vapes lately!

  4. It's hard to dab. It's like vaping straight terpenes and hard to work with. It's so runny but it got me really really high and tastes like lemons

  5. Ngl thought someone baked you some banana breadat first. It would appear I’m the one who’s baked though. Nice pickup

  6. If they can’t serve patients, it is what it is

  7. Yeah I get that. However, they could have spent their time calling the patients who already had orders placed instead they were busy standing around talking. They could’ve easily called and or sent out a mass email blast. Their habitual incompetence to serve patients is my issue

  8. Second the dablogic 73u carts. Those are a good bang for your buck. I’ve had some 73u that were super flavorful and the effects were perfect. I also look for sativa leaning carts for my daytime meds. I’ve had great luck with dablogic’s trop cookies 73u and the hazelnut 2.0 90-120u. The hazelnut 2.0 is very versatile as it gives me energy if I’m active while using it. However if I hit it while I’m laying down watching tv, it provides relaxing effects. 710labs Sour Tangie persy pods are great too.

  9. The octave gets no love but has always been super accurate and I have charged it maybe once in the past year so guessing it’s probably got the best battery life out of all of them.

  10. I had secret banana from them and wasn’t too impressed. Are they worth giving another shot?

  11. Sorry for the delayed response, I would say so man. I was able to get at KrystaLeaves $50 otd and I would say as good as Soiku and green dot

  12. Well I’d say you sold me. I’ll definitely give them another try. Soiku and Greendot are probably the two processors I’ve tried from CO that I’ve enjoyed the most. I’ve also really like Egozi and Dablogic. Sour Diesel is probably my all time favorite. If you like that, Soiku should have another batch of their Sour D BX3 coming in December. Should be just in time for the holidays. That last batch was special!

  13. Man you’ve got good taste in knives. The Shaman and 940 are my 2 favorite edc knives!

  14. jus got a mandarin creamsicle cart from soiku and im fuckin blown away by the creamy orange taste. I jus wish they had a dedicated battery because all my batteries burn their carts

  15. Vessel’s core battery works nicely and has Four (4) power/voltage settings (2.4V, 2.8V, 3.2V, 3.6V)

  16. My favorite hash producer at the moment. Soiku has been putting out some awesome stuff! Especially love the Sour D BX3 🤤🔥

  17. Just got this too. Best Trop cookies I’ve had. Very smooth, delicious, and excellent effects. Very enjoyable and would buy again

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