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  1. Pure Ohio Wellness does some pretty good 1:1 options in carts & lusters.

  2. BaM has 15% off flower on Sundays. Usually a decent Woodward selection.

  3. Tally Mon from Firelands Scientific is said to help. Or try the edible 1906 Love Drops, specifically tailored for such an experience.

  4. Yeah I tried a few of them. Favorites were the chill drops. Very relaxing. And the love drops gave some increased sensuality. Was pleased with the results cause I didn't expect much.

  5. Butterfly Effect 1:1 660mg tincture. For me the CBD/THC combo is more effective than THC alone. If CBD isn't your thing, I've seen an 880mg THC tincture from One Orijin. One Orijin also makes some capsules with 50mg THC a pop. You'll find something that works!

  6. Try products with the minor cannabinoid, CBN. Helps promote sleep and relaxation, with anti-inflammatory properties as well. Some suggestions, Kiva Midnight Blueberry gummies, Incredibles Blueberry Dream chocolate bar, One Orijin 5:1 CBN capsules, or 1906 5:1 Chill Drops. Also CBD companies outside of the OHMMP sell CBD tinctures and capsules with CBN, one being Bluebird Botanicals. As for flower and vapes, I find that strains Indica or Indica Hybrid with terpene profiles including Myrcene, caryophyllene, and linalool provide feelings of full body relaxation and that heavy stoned feeling lol. Personally the strains that smell like gas work best for sleep, such as motor breath. Really most of the OG Kush style genetics help in my experience. Take one of those edibles a couple hours before bed, smoke or vape a bit of a strong gassy flower or oil about an hour before lights out and you'll be snoozing man. Hope this helps. :)

  7. Yes that's mold. And don't get rid of it til you get a refund. But after yes, it's all been contaminated.

  8. That's legit. It's a sample pack. Bought a bunch yesterday. They do cost a day each off your supply tho.

  9. Heard Sundae Driver was discontinued. So old packaging being repurposed. Seems like a responsible move, too much plastic waste in the cannabis industry as a whole. Be sketched no more friend.

  10. 3g bags, FF happy frog soil, FF trio nutrients, Mars Hydro TS 1000 light. Girl on the right is slightly deficient, some yellowing and spots showing on middle age leaves. Trying to correct her this week before the flip. Tips and tricks welcome!

  11. Hemp terpenes? Are these terps coming from an actual "White Runtz" strain or from a hemp plant? The front says live flower, but is it? Someone please help a brother understand what is going on here.

  12. Terps extracted from hemp, not a white runtz plant. Idk why they call it live flower. It's simply a distillate cart as far as I understand.

  13. Another sub par product from Certified Trash. At least they are consistent lol.

  14. Good luck getting a response unless you blast them on social media.

  15. G Purps by Verano was a rather well done purp strain. Wasn't the most purple colored, but the taste and effects were very reminiscent of purple loud from my earlier smoking days. Worth a shot my man!

  16. Isn't firelands a certified B Corp? About transparency and what not. Not very transparent imo lol.

  17. Haven't had the chance to try theirs. I enjoy their flower tho, especially the Strawberry Cooler.

  18. Beautiful looking flower. Nice and fresh. Sweet berryish ICC gas type of flavor. Aroma is similar. Effects were much like the full bodied ice cream cake high but with some extra cerebral buzz. Very pleasant. Could use a better flush, burned a bit dark but still all around a good choice for me.

  19. "Grandpa I'm tired of digging all these holes "

  20. Happened to a cured resin luster from them. They didn't even bother responding to my emails. Certified Trash. The carts leak out the bottom as well. They don't care.

  21. I’ve found that most of their products are sub-par at a premium price.

  22. They do put out some good flower, but the price needs to come down. Only grab it if there's a sale. After this experience with their customer service, and the countless repeat product issues, I'll spend elsewhere.

  23. Yeah, if you click the post everyone can see your photos. Just be careful incase there is ever personal information that is valuable in any of the pictures. There are some sketchy people

  24. This was my first pickup from MI, great flower but I got mine at like 27% lol.

  25. It’s the condensation of the concentrate vapor on the tip. So the wax acts as a clogging mechanism and you have to suck hard to get it unclogged at the suck hole. So oil vapor condensates on suck hole, Suck hole gets clogged because oil is sticky and thick, luster pen make sad sound.

  26. Maybe some Klutch ICC, or Layer Cake from Butterfly. Throw a 1:1 edible in there. Chilling. I like OG crosses after a long day too.

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