1. Be very apologetic. Own it. Say it won’t happen again. You were transparent about your mistake and didn’t hide when confronted- play that card.

  2. It’s good you came clean immediately. That was really the only smart course of action with the cops already at your door imo. Denying it and then having them find it during their search would have been so much worse. Just remind them that you fully cooperated and that you’ve learned your lesson/will never do it again and you should be ok. Remember, the university still wants your money

  3. Hard disagree, did the cops smell weed too? Did they have probable cause?

  4. I remember one lesson where my CFI told me that he had to cancel the last flight due to a failed mag check but still wanted to me to go do the run up with him. It was very valuable experience to see what a bad mag check was and what a rough engine felt like.

  5. Wait..the sun does rise is the east and set in the west.

  6. Agree! I value my time more than money but the most I would spent is maybe 3-5 dollars per mil. That would make a 20 mil car about 50-100. I might bite at that. 200 buck for 1 car is just laughable. I agree they would sell a lot more if they are priced better

  7. I spent about 3-4K per month and fly about 15 hours…ouch that hurts to say out loud.

  8. My kids came home from the state fair with goldfish 1 year ago today.

  9. Just and FYI cause your a med student. Pain improving it not necessarily a good thing. Still needs an US. When it comes to torsion eventually the nerves will die off and no longer hurt, and it’s too soon for the inflammation from necrotic tissue to cause severe pain, so you get this window where the pain is getting better. Can happen with ovarian torsion too.

  10. That broken wrist might need to be reduced, in which case I might need to sedate the patient, in which case that water you just gave them set us back 4-6 hours OR I get to document that I knew they had water ten minutes ago but I’m going to sedate them anyway despite the increased risk of aspiration.

  11. Eh…I think your still wrong. Leverage is how you make money, I have bought 3 homes in my life that I could barely afford at the time, each one ended up making me multiple times my annual salary when I sold / upgraded. I always buy new cars in the 60K range for myself and my wife with loans. Typically rack up 20k credit card debt per month. The only real financially reckless decision I’ve made was buying into the ownership of a small plane. That’s shit gets expensive. Still on track to retire at my current standard of living by the time I’m 60z

  12. Do you think phosphate killed his clown?

  13. What type of tool are you using to feed?? I need one! Thanks

  14. Buying houses I could barely afford back in the early 2010s was the best financial decision I ever made. Ramsey is outdated and his advice is really not relevant in today’s economy. I have no idea why Reddit keeps showing this sub in my feed. I can’t stand that guy.

  15. That worked for you in the early 2010s, but what if you applied the same strategy in 2006? Understand that sometimes our situations are luck.

  16. If I applied the same strategy in 2006 I would still be in really good shape today. I know my local real estate market very well. Also I don’t think home prices are going to see a drop like they did in the past in my area. I think that average home price is gonna keep climbing for the foreseeable future.

  17. Depends on the purpose of logging. You flew point to point so I would log it as XC. It’s not going to satisfy any of the requirements for your commercial rating or any further ratings though.

  18. Unfortunately this is more common than you think….

  19. The drive that failed was a SanDisk one!

  20. I literally just bought one of those yesterday because it was such a deal…ugh

  21. I see this come up often on this thread, and it’s a bit concerning why. This seems like it really shouldn’t controversial. Hospital staff will ask who is allowed in and it’s so easy to just say yes or no! They will even tell white lies so no one gets their feeling hurts. It’s what they do!

  22. Young moms seem to be getting badgered by their SOs/husbands a lot. I'm seeing posts daily about young moms saying "he says if my mom's there, his gets to be there too" or "you get your mom for support! What about support for me??". Just no. Send these children back to their mommies because if they can't put the mother of their child's needs first, they don't deserve to be in the delivery room and it's questionable on deserving to get to be fathers to their children. The mother of your child comes before your mother, in most cases.

  23. Thanks for the clarification! That’s interesting to me…guess I’m officially old.

  24. I appreciate the explanation. I am aware of deep stalls but just not with this plane and in that configuration. While anecdotal, I've put that plane into a deep slip many times with flaps 30 degrees and never had anywhere close to a stall.

  25. OP, just read the POH, it will tell you if it’s not safe to slip with flaps for your plane.

  26. Gotta call them up to get a squawk to cross the border. That’s about the only time I’ve used them.

  27. Not an expert but have a TV mounted above a fireplace that looks very similar to yours.

  28. “There is absolutely 0 controversy here.

  29. Draw a thrust vector, a plane on a treadmill going 1000 mile per hour will have wheels spinning at 1000 miles per hours + the speed of the plane moving forward. The thrust generated by the engine will still pull the plane forward and generate airspeed sufficient for takeoff.

  30. Agree 100%, if this sub is really made of ER docs I am now even more concerned for the future of our specialty.

  31. Are you joking? It’s half a cm deep. It’s gonna be healed in like 2 weeks and it isn’t in the joint.

  32. How the fuck do you know it’s not in a joint by looking at a picture? How can you tell the depth? Did you explore it through full ROM?

  33. What camera and lens did you use? It needs lens correction and maybe transform. If you use Lightroom classic. It's under lens correction. Also I would correct the white balance since it leans towards the blue.

  34. Thanks! I used a Sony A7RV with a sigma 28-70 2.8. I already applied lens correction in Lightroom classic but I agree it still looks a little skewed.

  35. Thanks! What aspect ratio is that?

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