Brendan Fraser Wins Academy Award for Best Actor for 'The Whale'

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The process of taking a painful L

  1. Or not knocking and just walking in. Grrrr

  2. Looks like Ganon’s calcified foot

  3. Having never played the game, it seemed like a let down with the little amount of clickers

  4. I tell my son all the time that if he tells someone to stop bullying and they don’t listen, to hit them. He won’t get in trouble with me. Bullies need to be taught that they’re shit won’t be tolerated from everyone.

  5. They technically can’t ask if you’re married or have kids. Just saying.

  6. As my 12 year old son would say: HACKS!

  7. Stop taking yourself so seriously and try to relate to the students more. It’s amazing the quality of work I’m able to do when I don’t have the ‘professor’ expectation over my head all the time.

  8. I’m flabbergasted as to why this continues to be an issue. As a dad with small children (girls) who recently left the diaper/pull-up phase (YAY, no more!), it’s always been an expectation that I changed them.

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