1. I understand that lecture really well, and I’d be happy to talk with you about it. But I think I’d need a little more detail to help you out. What are you currently struggling with? What stage is the script you’re writing currently at? What about Craig’s lecture makes you feel like you don’t know how to continue?

  2. I'm about 30-odd pages in. I've just crossed over in the second act, and I'm obsessively thinking about gaps of logic and mechanics within the infrastructure... page 32-33.

  3. I think the issue here is that they don't understand it yet, so they don't really know if it would help them or not.

  4. This is how love works when you have the Baldwin from Bio-Dome as your dad.

  5. Feels like this video belongs in an episode of The Boys.

  6. He looks like he's wearing an 80's hair metal rug from Spirits Halloween.

  7. When paired with IRS, Trump and Steven Mnuchin could be a formidable government-sponsored Money Inc.

  8. I don't recall Badman being an alcoholic, but if there's a time he doesn't need it, it's now.

  9. No he actually was an alcoholic and cocaine but has been claiming to be sober for years.

  10. So smug. So, so, so smug. She should run for Congress with that face.

  11. What exactly is she so smug about? With those hideous sunnies, rank leggings and embarrassing slipper/slides, if I were caught wearing that I’d look embarrassed, not fucking smug. Her delusion levels are OFF THE CHARTS

  12. Smug as in her ego is fueled by said material goods in the photo.

  13. I think it's both. He did what he loved until he physically couldn't anymore, and he got paid to do it. Sure, he probably had some good royalties checks in the mail but who knows how well they're covering medical expenses and other things?

  14. There's an early sign of the diagnosis in a tabloid article I read in 2013, stating that during the filming of RED 2 - his penultimate theatrical lead role - Willis required nine hours of sleep and extensive use of a stunt double during action sequences that CG'd his face over the double.

  15. Hi OP, after 3 months do you still give props to RSO? Im thinking of picking up some after work :)

  16. Do it. Just got the Motorbreath syringe a few weeks ago, pairing nicely with my vape.

  17. Hilaria and Dr. Oz's daughter? The rolling stone scores double points in the bush.

  18. Just want to take this moment to recommend Miami Blues to this sub. My favorite Alec Badman role because he basically plays himself in a GTA: Vice City setting.

  19. That's a great question, and if the answer is yes... ouch.

  20. This is going to be beyond traumatizing some day.

  21. The best part of this is how Badman is arguing with someone using the name of the villain* from a Stephen King novel as an alias.

  22. Did Roger Stone's golf cart guy or the other OK that pleaded guilty post-indictment show up here?

  23. For some people it works, others it doesn't. I've also heard good reviews for topiramate. Have you tried any other antipsychotic that shows less weight gain?

  24. I couldn't sit still on Abilify or Vraylar. After the latter, I was on Latuda. I ended up in the ER with chest pains while I was at the gym.

  25. Have you try asenapine or ziprasidone ? Abilify drive me crazy latuda it's ok but just on low dose .

  26. Nope. Your insulin levels are slightly higher naturally in the mornings (to help you get started). And it could be higher if you are consistently exercising each morning. So the oatmeal would send it even higher.

  27. Thank you for giving a response that isn't condescending.

  28. I burn about 500 calories during a spin class. Knowing that’s how many calories a “bowl of oatmeal” has makes me never want to look at oatmeal again. Why would you ever eat oatmeal? What nutrition does oatmeal have?

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