1. I had the Platinum Glue it was great. I am kind of getting tired of luster pods being unreliable. Although I do like them better when they work.

  2. I totally agree. That’s why I always have a cart laying around or with me in case. I’ve had too many problems with luster batteries & the pods, various things going wrong. When they work though, like you said, they are the best. Wish they were more consistent too.

  3. The live flower series has terpenes in it that come from weed instead of man made or food grade botanical terps

  4. Or from hemp in both of these cases, instead of cannabis. Which is interesting to me lol.

  5. All fun & games until there’s a gator in your living room. 🐊🐊🐊

  6. Really good effects, pod lasts a good amount of time compared to others. Not my favorite flavor wise though. Most of their pods are lacking flavor but I love the effects.

  7. Really good flavor & effects. Picked up a couple random .5g flavors to try before I pick up bigger ones to see if the Terps effect me well! Botanist concentrates/vapes & flower have for sure improved over the months! Also 25% off all week on their own products at all Botanist Locations.

  8. I have a little stack of these, they are definitely good. Airo live resin is almost always high in terps which is nice. Not my favorite still though. I’ve been missing that klutch live resin.

  9. Totally agree. I got a O43 & ICC Live R when Klutch first dropped them. Feel like I haven’t seen many since that first drop & it’s sad for sure, flavor was another level.

  10. I’ve been buying any LR i can get my hands on and I think my top 3 are lighthouse, klutch and superflux. Crescos live resin carts have been seeming to be pretty nice too.

  11. I’ve never tried lighthouse or crescos. Just got a new banger so I want to get into more jarred concentrates too for sure so I’ve been looking at them. Idk who it was but one day someone commented that Cresco was the best jarred so I for sure need to try.

  12. I have 2 of their carts and would love to have a few luster pods too 👀

  13. This is actually my first pod by them. Got it a couple days ago, burning pretty slow actually compared to most.

  14. Does the thca make it smooth? I enjoy it in my vapes

  15. Pretty smooth pod, haven’t coughed much. Sometimes some companies are harsh for sure, especially pods.

  16. I got the same taste and effects are awesome!!! My first airo pod think I'll be switching from lusters! Cant beat the price and quality is just as good if not better!!

  17. Some reason Lusters still hit harder for me. I like going back & forth for sure. I feel like they both effect me differently.

  18. I picked up a handful of the Urkle lemon airo recently for 25 a piece. They’re nice. I don’t like airo either, but their LR is nice. Around 15% terps on the ones I have.

  19. I got two of those too. They are for sure better than the Lemon Dosidos. Urkle is one of the best tasting anything I’ve had in the program.

  20. Not mine. Always $55 for pods regular, no matter what. Every dispensary can do what they want though & you can shop at another & drive anywhere else that doesn’t do that.

  21. MAC1, Limonene, hitting hard, favorite of the 3.

  22. Interesting it's an EPBC cross. Although if it's competing for #1 strain I think EPBC > Second Breakfast

  23. My favorite are for sure EPBC & Astral Destiny. With AD I’ve never smelled such a good stank before haha.

  24. Hell yeah! That’s the main reason I shared. People love lineage here! I love knowing the crosses, I’m imagining this will be great.

  25. Man Klutch is absolutely killing it on the vapes lately. Nobody else in the program is putting out such consistently high terp numbers.

  26. I agree, the flavor & terps are another level. If you haven’t you should try their baller jars/concentrates sometime. Especially when they are on sale. 3.10g’s of concentrate for $160 on sale is hard to beat. Even at $200 normal price is good. Regardless of what their product is in, it always tastes so good!

  27. Thanks for sharing with labels and terpenes!

  28. I appreciate the kind words. Motorbreath is something special this batch.

  29. If a filler such as another cannabanoid that is legal to buy in the US for dirt cheap, helps you out, then continue to use it! BR appreciates it lol.

  30. My first comment was already aimed at you anyways 😂😂 in before botanical troll! Wonder how many brain cells you’ve wasted on others posts 😂😂

  31. This was aimed at you OP, not sure why you're calling me out for your own purchases lol.

  32. I didn’t call anyone out. You’re the one that commented first. If you didn’t comment I would never know who you are. You mean nothing to me 😂 If you read through the comments you would see why I buy these. I’m glad you’ve spent so much money on Reddit & have so many awards to give out! That for sure gets you far in life!

  33. how would you compare the indica effects to say ICC?

  34. ICC way stronger, this is way more mild. Sometimes during the day I enjoy mild. This would be a good medicated but focused strain. ICC is for when I’m trying to get zonked haha 😂

  35. How’s it compare to o43 and whip it? Not as terpinoleney?

  36. This is not as good as those flavor wise or effects. Still a good strain though. I would get it on sale again. As far as O43 I would buy full price any day. So that’s my thoughts on comparing the two lol.

  37. Haha😂😂😂 so true. Too many morning rips.

  38. This is from their Instagram too!

  39. This was my first luster pod. Flavor reminded me of a swisher blunt. Really liked it.

  40. It’s super mild in a good way. The lemon comes through at the end. One of my favorites.

  41. I got my first luster pod last week. I figured I'd give it a try. The flavor is very good, and it remains good the entire pod. Cherry Lemon G is amazing. Get that real good taste of smoking a good lemon strain flower but in a pod. I am going to continue to test some, as I find the deals on them.

  42. I’ve found very few pods I didn’t like honestly. I like rotating companies & it keeps me nicely medicated.

  43. Take that as a joke, I just noticed that the only couple pod options they had at canton were gone before the sale even started. Ended up getting a good steal ons some flower though!

  44. Haha I’m actually from Canton & drove to multiple locations. Was a boring day so I didn’t mind going to multiple for some sales. I’ve seen a lot of Firelands rough cut looking good too. Hope the flower is good for you!

  45. How are they? I thought the effects were potent but they all 3 i tried tasted the same strangely. Nothing beats Butterfly Effect for me personally

  46. I agree with you. Taste very close to each other. Effects are all different or at least rotating keeps me solidly medicated. Butterfly & Klutch for sure have the right mix down flavor wise.

  47. Ive never been a Klutch person, I really get turned off by how many ppl act like salesmen for the stuff. Might if try some if they changed the oil tho personally there c02 was weak and inconsistent some had good taste the others just tasted unterped. I wish Klutch wasn’t the most hyped brand for this reason feels like I’m missing out but every time I pick up a pod it’s just straight ass, like the worst stuff I’ve tried in the program by far.

  48. I for sure like some type of product from every brand. Some are for sure superior to others but terps & thc from different sources effect every single body different though. So I feel like everyone finds what works for them & their bodies after a while.

  49. Just finished off my Kush Mints pod. The second non-street cart Ive smoked and it was fantastic. Two big hits before I went to sleep and I dont think I moved a muscle the entire night lol

  50. Klutch has flavor & effects on another level for sure.

  51. Not their fault Ohio has a THC cap. Would be a lot less for people to complain about & all around better products without a THC limit. It makes no sense lol. So they are forced to cut it.

  52. The Botanist locations. 20% off all BR right now. Was normally $50 on sale for $39. That’s why I decided to try them, I’m all for sales.

  53. I had this week circled on the calendar, ended up getting 6 pods: 3 pk layer cake, 1 grumpz, 1 shoki, and 1 blue cheese... it was a good week lol.

  54. Hell yeah, good choices. I was tempted to get a 3pk of the Shoki. I never tried it before though so I didn’t. Earlier this week got a Triple Choc Chip & Layer Cake. Went back today to get these. I love sales haha.

  55. The couple who was selling the boat. They got bad vibes at first. Then the girl with the baby came & made them feel safer. Then they got tied to the anchor & drowned later on. Glad they all got caught & will rot in prison. Doesn’t make it any less horrible though. Can’t imagine those being the last moments!

  56. Yes I’ve tried most of their flavors. I’m actually impressed & didn’t expect them to be so potent lol.

  57. Same. I made the switch to firelands recently during the whole Klutch/grow Ohio defective carts thing and WOW they knock my socks off. Good price too at my disp.

  58. I got a couple defective pods from other companies. Which was annoying but it happens. They all have worked great from Firelands so far. The Sour Papaya has been my favorite out of them all so far.

  59. Looks phenomenal!!! I was going to buy some until I seen the terpenes. I avoid strains that have the terpene Pinene, It affects my mental health and affects me negatively puts me in a sour mood instead of a happy one.

  60. Thanks for saying something. I don’t even pay attention half of the time but realize that terps effect everyone different. I need to start paying attention more to see which ones are better for me.

  61. Sherbhead was the best half ounce I’ve bought in the program. Good choice

  62. I agree! It hits hard for sure. Harder than the 2.83’s I’ve gotten of it, which is a lot. I wish they had halves around more often.

  63. On sale, 20% off next couple days at Botanist locations. They were very busy & things will probably go fast. Normally $70, $55 with discount.

  64. Botanist, all locations have some sort of strains

  65. You try O43 or Jealousy x apricot gelato?

  66. They were out of O43. I’ll for sure be on the lookout next round though. I always get the regular O43 one.

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