1. Lol, down votes because I got bad carts? It is my preference. I don't like them.

  2. Compared to other states that have had the medical program longer and are also recreational? Ohio prices have changed quite drastically the last year

  3. You do realize the first few years are heavily regulated and prices will be higher. The more places that option, more places that provide items, and closer to recreational the lower the prices will drop. I know the gummies I normally get have dropped 5-8 dollars in just the last year depending on the dispensary you go to. You cent expect a system to be set up and instantly have the lowest prices around

  4. Mi Loud, Fear of boof, Doja which fob grows, uplyfted all fire 🔥

  5. This batch of true og burns black. My first time trying this strain and I won’t buy it again. It’s crap. The Banana Mac from this drop is top notch, white ash and tasty.

  6. Smells lemony and reminds me of some old school smoke hits clean but makes u cough after some hits overall not my favorite Woodward

  7. Great orange smell and taste gives me an orange 43 and lemon slushee vibe clean head high w a body high that’s great

  8. Where are these at on the east side of the state ? Preferably near Detroit area

  9. You ever try any other budget concentrates? Anything you could compare it 2? Errl king trap house harbor farms? Saucy dry sugary? Lolol i appreciate you

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