1. How was this? I can’t wait to try in luster pod. I love terpinolene but usually those strains are missing caryophyllene. I had the jealousy x apricot gelato live resin and it was good.

  2. I like it a lot actually good high from it but I’m thinking I’m not a big fan of the apricot in it tbh but that’s just me

  3. Live resin but it was more like diamonds and sauce crushed up nicely though

  4. Yeah idk maybe top left and bottom right and bottom left and top right look alike but the colors look identical

  5. I was finding firelands rosin at my dispo that they fucked the price up on was getting gs for like 30 -40 bucks go buy them out fr

  6. If it were firelands I probably would've done it too lol. They had it listed online as .84g so it rang up that price. Online orders only so I can't just go in

  7. It's not half bad.. i'll buy it when it is on super sale (like you did). For me it tastes/feels more like a Chem OG as opposed to the other way around like the traditional variety (i.e. josh d/klutch)

  8. Haven’t had the Klutch but I’ve had the carts lusters and yeah this did have more of a chem taste

  9. The recent batch of cake it easy is trash barely any high and put a bodiva in it and it gave it a hay smell was definitely one of my go to when I started this shitty program 😂

  10. The shatter taste good and good high but just a straight dirty wax takes forever to clean my banger and pearls 7/10 but the dosido is very smooth terps are there 9/10

  11. Idk imma have to get another batch of animal face I got the mints and face at the same time and the mints had a more gassy hit you in the chest feel I liked it personally way better

  12. The banana pie doesn’t get me high and I have the live resin one don’t wast your money

  13. So dabs would have to be under 70% to then right

  14. Thank you. Worth $140/half?

  15. Thanks for your help. Been wanting to try OCL.

  16. I this part of the Josh D strain? Klutch isn't the only one who grows Josh D?

  17. Not that I know of but who else has josh d I just got their luster pod and 510 cart the cart way tastier

  18. Absolutely love this stuff. OCL? If so, Watermelon cake, banana puddentain and Larry cake is amazing by them as well

  19. That’s why the opioid crisis is so bad ain’t nobody have the gas

  20. I don’t see why not I’d try to warm it up leave in it the sun for a little and it should all melt back together

  21. Don't leave these in direct sunlight. The sunlight will break down your oil and ruin it. It's not the same as simply heating it up.

  22. Shit idk I be smoking wax and if I get like a dryer not terp filled I leave it somewhere hot not in direct sun but somewhere hot to bring all the terp juice out I would recon it would be the same in a hot area not direct sun

  23. Grape cream cake and slurricane coming back soon I saw :)

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